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What Did Jamie Fraser Drink Before The Sassenach?

In 2013, Tony Roberts (second from left below) and three former co-workers founded the Three Stills Company and set about

History of Ireland Parts I & II

Fire of Learning features content by American YouTuber, Justin. His videos contain educational content in which he discusses topics such as

Fare Well Parts 1-3 – Edinburgh’s Hogmanay 2020

This amazing drone show was staged over the Scottish Highlands and then placed into city scenes of Edinburgh. The entire

BLACK AGNES by Susan Macdonald

BLACK AGNES by Susan Macdonald (verses 1-4, 6-9) Lady Agnes Randolph, Countess of Dunbar (verses 5 & 10)First Place, Arkansas

Motley Mike Heats Things Up – Literally!

If you’re looking for two folks who know how to have a ‘hot’ time, look no further that Mike Otis

Dancing Cats In Kilts

Scottish Wildcats in Kilts by Alison MacRae

Scottish Wildcats in Kilts A Blaring, some called it music; others called it noise. It was the melody of the

BREAKING NEWS (With A Dash Of Celtic Satire)

Where Do Missing Socks Go?
Why over time you end up with so many odd ones? Sure, its partner might have fallen behind some furniture, or may still be in the washing machine....

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All lovers of Celtic Art know the work of world-famous artist, Jen Delyth. As a Celtic artist myself, I have drawn inspiration from

Pumpkin Trinity by Ravensdaughter

Samhain – Halloween Image Gallery

Happy Samhain, Happy New Year, Happy Halloween!

Maireid Sullivan

The Hidden People

The Spirit of Communication and ‘The Craic’By Mairéid Sullivan, 1996 Recently I was asked what I thought has survived of ancient Celtic tradition in the

Celtic Gallery – Vintage Irish Postcards

Enjoy this collection of Vintage Irish Postcards

Hidden Animals in Celtic Art – DECODED Episode 1 – The Witham Shield

At first glance the Witham Shield is covered in swirls and curls, maybe a cow or two. However, on closer inspection most of that swirling

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Celtic Nations Magazine Celtic Reviews - Celtic Books

Celtic Books

A wealth of words await. Delve into fiction, non-fiction, poetry and more. Curls up with a good book and a cup of cocoa. Or learn crafting, knitting, and Celtic art.

Celtic Clothing, Irish Dress

Celtic Clothing

From historic garb, to costumes, to modern flair and fashion, come explore the world of Celtic apparel and accessories.

Celtic Nations Magazine Celtic Reviews - Celtic Crafts

Celtic Crafts

From pottery to leather work to needlework, Celtic Artisans create a truly eclectic world of crafts and gifts.

Irish Potato Pancakes Celtoc Food Image

Celtic Food & Recipes

There's a full meal waiting for you and the table is set. From soda bread, to potato pancakes, to haggis, get your taste buds ready for something delicious with reviews and recipes.

Celtic Home Decor from Celtic Nations Magazine

Cetic Gifts & Products

Celtic Home Decor is perfect for any front room, bedroom, or den. Take a look at these lovely finds to brighten your life. It's all part of the Celtic Jewelry, Gifts, and Products Reviews.

Celtic Necklace by Kathy Herdzina

Celtic Jewelry

Who doesn't love Celtic Jewelry? We been surfing the web to look for new and engaging items from a variety of artists. Come and see some of the creations that have caught our eye.

Celtic Technology

Discover Celtic mobile apps and other Celtic online resources. This is the wonder result when history meets modernity.

Celtic Nations Magazine Celtic Reviews - Celtic Weapons and Armor

Celtic Weapons & Armor

Swords, daggers, dirks, pole arms, shields are all part of the modern warrior's armory. Add chainmail or leather armor to be battle-ready.

Whiskey, Beer & Beverages

From Single Malt to Craft Brewing, all beverages await! So do wines, meads, and soft beverages. There's something for every palate when it comes to spirits and drinks.

Celtic People and Places

Over in Cornwall by Arian Niwl

Over in Cornwall is one of the best-preserved ancient villages in SW England. This is known as Carn Euny from the Cornish Karn Uni. It is located near the village

The Isle of Man Viking Burial Site by Arian Niwl

Back on the Isle of Man outside Castletown is a very interesting ancient monument called Balladoole. Sometime in 1945, a team consisting of a German refugee along with a team

Celtic Mysticism

Painting of the Gods

The Power of Myth by Donn Harper Jr.

Much has been written about the power and influence of mythology. Myth is a profoundly magickal experience. I state ‘experience’ because myths exist in every essence of our existence. Myths provide the framework, the basis of how we perceive the world, of how we interact with each other. Mythology teaches us our concepts of morality, of right and wrong. The

Ritual And The Druids by Nico van Leeuwen

Ritual And The Druids by Nico van Leeuwen The Lives of the Irish Saints are written in Latin and in early medieval Irish. The latter are of special interest in that they seem to utilize local oral tradition in order to elucidate and illuminate their subject. Many miracles are attributed to the early Irish saints, and powers which vied with

Featured Celtic Story

A Night at the Mine by Kieron Baird

“A Night at the Mine” by Kieron Baird    The three teenagers made their way through the small woods and onwards to the abandoned coal mine. It wasn’t too far from their homes and provided a great escape. No prying parents or nosy neighbours with their judgmental eyes. It was always a great way to start the weekend. First, they passed the toothless warning sign and then walked right over the rusty, toppled security fence. The place had shut down decades ago but nobody cared enough to even try and keep people out anymore. It was a bright and starry night, the full moon lighting the lonely place. The boys all had their phone torches for added light too. Typical, dated mining equipment, buildings and other discards were visible in

Featured Cetltic Poem

Ravens a Celtic Poem by Kieron P. Baird
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Featured Celtic Event

The Foothills Highland Games

The Foothills Highland Games was founded by two friends Chris Marsh and Brandon Fisher both born and raised in The Foothills of Western NC in the small town of Nebo

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