Welcome to the Eighth Issue of Celtic Nations Magazine! In “Celtic Home & Hearth” we explore not only the Celtic home, but the history of who we Celts are. You will find articles on What The Celts Called Home, Brownies on the Hearth, How To Build A Celtic Roundhouse, andContinue Reading

Welcome to the Seventh Issue of Celtic Nations Magazine! In “Celtic Adventures” we explore inspiring Celtic art and stories. You will find articles on Who Were The Celts, Celtic Seafarers Grace O’Malley, Henry Morgan and Ernst Shakelton, the Isle of Man Fairy Bridge, and More! There are also short storiesContinue Reading

Welcome to the Sixth Issue of Celtic Nations Magazine! In “Celtic Inspirations” we explore inspiring Celtic art and stories. You will find articles on Pictish Stones, Inspirations from the Book of Kells, Women of the Easter 1916 Rising, and More! There are also short stories like “Wildcat Piper”, “Knight ofContinue Reading

While roaming the aisles of the 2021 World Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention in Washington DC, I came across the Scroll Saw Puzzles crafted by Judy Peterson of FanTaminals. Judy was kind enough to sit for an interview, and I am pleased to bring you her story. In 1989, JudyContinue Reading

  Rónán and the Mermaid by Marianne McShane 2020Review by Jenny CatalanoA resurgence of Old Ireland gets unearthed in the beautiful picture book, Ronan and the Mermaid. Be swept away into another world of mystery and folklore, set in the author’s hometown of Bangor, Ireland. Ronan is washed ashore afterContinue Reading

This amazing drone show was staged over the Scottish Highlands and then placed into city scenes of Edinburgh. The entire event was COVID-safe, and a fitting tribute to the passing of 2020 and the welcoming of 2021. Happy New Year To All! CNM-admincelticnationsmagazine.comContinue Reading

Celtic Nations Magazine

Celtic Stories are coming soon. We are seeking writers who wish to share their words. If you write Celtic fiction for adults, youth, or kiddos, please let us know! Blessings to All! CNM-admincelticnationsmagazine.comContinue Reading


Pendragon Chainmail is a predominantly history and fantasy based armor company based out of Akron Ohio, and operates mostly within the Renaissance and Medieval festivals as traveling merchants. The owner and founder, Jerry Hartung, began over thirty years ago by hand making his first shirt of Chainmail with steel linksContinue Reading

Celtic Nations Magazine

Welcome to Celtic Nations Magazine We are a new quarterly publication dedicated to Celtic Culture throughout the world. Come and explore history, modernity, mysticism, humor, fiction, poetry, and more! Watch this space for our upcoming articles and content! CNM-admincelticnationsmagazine.comContinue Reading

Really cool to read through and find so much awesomeness added to WordPress 3.6 while I was gone. I should take three weeks off more often. — Andrew Nacin (@nacin) April 3, 2013 This post tests WordPress’ Twitter Embeds feature. Posted as per the instructions in the Codex.   LearnContinue Reading

Header one Header two Header three Header four Header five Header six Default Text Align – Left Align This is a paragraph. It is left aligned. Because of this, it is a bit more liberal in it’s views. It’s favorite color is green. Left align tends to be more eco-friendly,Continue Reading

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