A lot of people have been asking me about urisks lately. Alarmingly, some even doubt their very existence. For this reason, I decided a Q&A was required. Immediately! If nothing else, to dispel the scepticism and answer the most common questions. If this piece also functions as an informal stepping stone for any budding future Fey researchers out there. Well, all the better!Continue Reading

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“A Night at the Mine” by Kieron Baird    The three teenagers made their way through the small woods and onwards to the abandoned coal mine. It wasn’t too far from their homes and provided a great escape. No prying parents or nosy neighbours with their judgmental eyes. It wasContinue Reading

Ravens a Celtic Poem by Kieron P. Baird

Kieron P. Baird is a published writer, on a personal journey of self-discovery and improved mental well-being. Kieron has a First-Class Honours Degree in Animal Biology and lives in Central Scotland, UK. Connect with Kieron P. Baird on Facebook. If you enjoyed this poem, please DONATE to Kieron P. BairdContinue Reading