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Brian Buchignani was born in Memphis, Tennessee. His music influence started early from his mother, a concert pianist. As his music study progressed, he developed an interest in different instruments, as well as different styles of music. Sometime later, he was drawn to spirituality and lived for a period inContinue Reading

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Adrienne Roisin is an incredibly talented photographer who plies her skills to the Darker Realm. Her collection – Annwn Photography by Adrienne Roisin – depicts the beauty and danger of this Celtic Otherworld. In Welsh mythology, Annwn is the realm of the afterlife, a world of delights and eternal youthContinue Reading


Kathy Herdzina is a talented artist and Celtic Knot weaver. Her sketches have a wonderful hominess to them, but also a dash of mysticism. Her Celtic Knot cord jewelry is beyond compare. Kathy lives in Southern California and shows at the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Irwindale. You can alsoContinue Reading

North of Argyll, are an up and coming Celtic Fusion band who hail from the sunny shores of Florida. The bands founder Paul Macleish was born and raised just south of the Scottish Borders in the United Kingdom. Paul settled in Florida and started the band Macgilliossa in 2015. TheContinue Reading

Celtic Feasting by Randi Thorneau Who doesn’t love a feast? As a medieval/renaissance enthusiast, some of the best times I have shared were at a banquet. The community seating, the talk and bustle, the entertainment, it’s all such great fun. The Celts enjoyed their feasts as well as they celebratedContinue Reading

Wolfwalkers is a wonderful little film produced by the same studio that gave us The Secret Of Kells. Now, Wolfwalkers has just received an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature. I mean, how cool is that! This is a first for several reasons, mostly because this film aired on AppleContinue Reading

CELEBRATING MODERN SCOTTISH CULTURE & EXCELLENCE   Education, creativity and innovation in Scottish culture ScotWeek is a festival that highlights both the proud history of Scottish culture as well as its special bond with the United States and its people moving forward into the future. ScotWeek will host events promotingContinue Reading

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Date: March 13th, 2021 Time: 12pm – 8:00pm Location: Virtually broadcasted on Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the Phoenix community will still have the opportunity to support the annual Parade & Faire with a virtual event on March 13. This telethon-type party is being made possible In conjunction with theContinue Reading

These are a random sampling of Celtic and Welsh images for St. Dwynwen, the Welsh Saint of True Love. Celtic Nations Magazine makes no claim to any copyright associated with images in this gallery. Please CONTACT US to address any copyright concerns. Randi ThorneauRandi Thorneau loves to write product reviews.Continue Reading