You can always tell a person who adores their tattoos. Just about everyone who gets a tattoo loves the work. It’s a significant body alteration, a permanent choice to reveal our inner selves to others…Continue Reading

I first met Kathy Halik-Herdzina a decade ago at ScotsFest in Costa Mesa, CA. I was showing my Celtic art collection, and Kathy showed me one of her Celtic knot necklaces. Actually, I bought two.Continue Reading

As an artist, there is one particular format which I have always found interesting, and that is Bas-Relief. Bas-relief is a form of art that isn’t fully 3-dimensional, but likewise is not flat. It is a sculptural relief which sets atop a flat base, thus conveying the illusion of a sculpture that has yet to fully emerge.
So I was naturally drawn to the cast paper bas-relief of Kevin Dyer.Continue Reading

All lovers of Celtic Art know the work of world-famous artist, Jen Delyth. As a Celtic artist myself, I have drawn inspiration from Jen’s work. Her sense of ancient mysticism is truly moving, and I am sure we have all experienced something spiritual when looking at her creations. I wantedContinue Reading

We each have an interesting life story to tell, whether or not we think we do. I haven’t always appreciated my unique and interesting life, but I do have quite a story to tell… even though I’ll tell you I’m nothing special. I was training for the Olympics in gymnasticsContinue Reading

This issue, we explore the art of Brian Boylan. Brian Boylan was born in Skerries, Co. Dublin, nearly right on top of Skerries Harbor. After two years at college, Brian got his first job in animation for Sullivan Bluth Studios in Balgriffin. From there he traveled to London and AustraliaContinue Reading

by Ravensdaughter    Art is an amazing thing. We don’t know exactly what it is or where it comes from. We don’t always understand the place in our minds that inspires us to create art, or the mindset of the artist. Being an artist myself, I know that – forContinue Reading

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