For quite some time, I’ve been into a more primal and holistic form of health and beauty. So when I discovered Jenna Caprice of The White Witch Parlour on YouTube, I was immediately hooked on her delivery of information and philosophy on life and the world. Therefore, you can onlyContinue Reading

One of the greatest things about being in the living history, reenactment, film, theater, and the music worlds is all the amazing and beautiful people I meet, whether in person and online. Read on below and find out more about the amazing artisan of 18th century jewelry, historical romance bookContinue Reading

I am really excited to bring you my new single “Lullaby”!This song was inspired by the Hans Christian Andersen tales, The Match Girl and The Little Mermaid (the non-Disneyized story), with a musical arrangement that is of a Dark Celtic inspiration, with some Scandinavian notes. The lyrics and music wereContinue Reading

Now releasing the cover for my forthcoming single “Lullaby”! The lyrics to the song are based off of the Hans Christian Andersen classics The Match Girl and The (non-Disneyized) Little Mermaid. My aim was to have a dark lullaby sound with some Celtic and Scandanavian influences. I am also honoredContinue Reading

I am really excited to share this preview of my new single “Lullaby”, which is being released on July 9! A little about the song: This song was written to sound like a dark Lullaby, hence the title. I wanted to write a song that captured the innocence of childhood,Continue Reading

Join me in The Tavern this Friday at 8PM EST on IG Live. In this episode, I’ll be talking about some new projects and updates on things that I’ll be releasing soon. I’ll also be talking a little of my forthcoming podcast, The Hidden Library and what to expect onContinue Reading

I am really excited about having @the_darkeyed_musician in The Tavern on Friday! We will be discussing her new forthcoming album, along with her creative process and some other fun topics!If you enjoy Celtic music with fantasy and history themes, you might want to tune in!And as always, the replay willContinue Reading

In addition to music and history, one thing I’ve taken a great interest in is folk healing and natural remedies, so when the opportunity arose to interview Kim Aaronricks of World of Magick I was more than happy to jump at the chance. Read on about what fueled her toContinue Reading

In this episode, The Tudors, with a healthy dose of Plantagenet is discussed. I discuss some of the books I’m reading and being inspired by as I write my Tudor inspired album War of the Roses (working title). I also discuss my other growing fascination with the Plantagenet royal bloodlineContinue Reading

If you follow me on social media (or even here!) you may have seen me mention a certain candle company a few times. Like many, I do love my candles, however, I am quite picky when it comes to my decision to purchase.  For many reasons, Mythologie Candles has becomeContinue Reading

I first met Robert Mouland while camping 18th century style at Fort Frederick Market Faire in Big Pool, MD. He had a setup where he was demonstrating and performing some early music pieces, along with speaking of what he was playing and the instruments he was using. As someone whoContinue Reading