Beltane Fire Community Festival (South East Queensland, Australia)

“Come one, come all to gather by the fire and celebrate – as our ancestors did many moons ago. For it is Beltane!

A time of great celebration and joy, a time to harvest what we have sown and make sacred vows”. BF website

My Sunday staunch to the third day of Beltane Fire weekend event, was located in the bush setting of Rocky Creek Campgrounds, Landsborough.

Immediately I was immersed in a fun and warm energy. The brilliant atmosphere was something the whole family was able to soak up and enjoy.

“Beltane is a time to celebrate the magic of community and everything the means”. BF website

Village Green was where we were enticed by ongoing events, starting with the meaningful, ceremonial folk dance of the maypole.

The female group joined together, beginning rough and unsure… But as we flowed and got more confidence we weaved a nice tight pattern,

just as we do in life’s journey, stated by our guide Deanne White.

To the side, The Witches Market was certainly that! Stallholders had an amazing array of all things pagan and magic.

Crystals, oracles, handmade goods, readings and even a local meadery, made for a good intriguing, treasure hunt.

With the pleasure of meeting the following…

Amrita Park Meadery

Wiccid – Bella

Enchanted Witches Hollow – Wendy

Living Witchery – Sandra Greenhalgh

Herbal Valley Apothecary

Stark Raven Runes Bec Stark 

Nordic Wolf Clan Bret Wills

“Beltane Fire Festival was a great three day pagan, camping event.

Out of respect, no one filmed the extremely private and spiritual rituals.

Which I only wish, you all could of taken part in“.

Bret Wills looks forward to having his own stall in 2022.

S.C.A. Burnfield (Society of Creative Anachronism) re-enactment group was set up in the Medieval Village showcasing

all aspects of days of yore from herbology, spinners, weapons to historical talks.

What I loved was the different eras of costumes and demonstrations, it wasn’t one set time or theme.

“Calling All Witches”

Later, again Deanne led a team of willing, aspiring participants in The Witches Dance. 

With our brooms, besoms, branches or staffs we followed her through the steps and then

performed with music to the beckoning gathered crowd. You can learn it here.

The little ones didn’t miss out with a Kidzone area and wand making in front of the Mushroom jumping castle.

The Noosa Pipe band delivered the forever favourites of bagpipe tunes, including our Australian classic Waltzing Matilda.

Hoop Dance Fusion with Aranya Smith got everyone in the groove with beats, hoola hoop dancing, yoga and theatric demonstrations.

While along side a small group of kids were keen to continue the coloured pattern of the maypole on the village green.

Though I missed the programmed adult-based workshops on the day/s prior and the night feasting and ritual,

I can genuinely say I look forward to being there next time.

My heart left full and enlightened by the kind community and the kids loved the whole scene.

It is confirmed that Beltane Fire will run next year on the 4th – 6th November 2022, Blessings till I see you then. 

Jenny Catalano – Australian Author/Artist

– Brewing up stories from the past –

Wendy from Enchanted Witches Hollow