WELCOME TO CELTIC RAIN REBEKAH LAWSON’S BLOG FOR CELTIC NATIONS MAGAZINE Rebekah Lawson is part of Celtic Rain – an original Celtic Spiritual Fusion Folk band made up of a husband/wife and friend team who are professional musicians and their wonderful musician friends who come along to make beautiful musicContinue Reading

WELCOME TO NIGHEAN MUSIC ANDREA DEAN VAN SCOYOC’S BLOG FOR CELTIC NATIONS MAGAZINE Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc is a passionate soul. One look at her digital art will tell you that. As a Metal Music Promoter, Artist, Ambient Apocalyptic Doom Musician & En Pointe Ballerina Andrea has a lot toContinue Reading

WELCOME TO GOTHIC CELT TIFFANY APAN’S BLOG FOR CELTIC NATIONS MAGAZINE Fans are describing her music and stories as a much welcome escape into another world. Drawing inspiration from the works of fantasy writers like JRR Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Diana Gabaldon, and George R.R. Martin, along with historical events, mythology,Continue Reading

Highlander Celtic Rock Band Australia was formed in 2005 by Justin Body. Justin was from the original band (Highlander) who performed a mixture of Celtic and Australian bush music. After five years of performing and struggling to keep a solid line up, whilst performing at the odd local gig andContinue Reading

From the Steve McDonald Fan Club Steve McDonald was born on September 9, 1950 in Wellington, New Zealand. At the age of five he began taking piano lessons, and had a classical music upbringing. “I started learning piano (as you do!) at the age of five. That was a terrifyingContinue Reading

AN IRISH FOLK’N ROCK BAND! Since breaking into the Irish music scene in 2013, Craic in the Stone quickly became the hottest band of their genre in Southern California – selling out local venues with their die-hard fans, better known as “Craic-Heads.” Now, after more than a year off dueContinue Reading

The Celta Medieval Sol da Meia-Noite Group originated in the south of Brazil, developing a work focused on Celta music with Medieval influence, as well as arranging Celtic songs from current groups on the international scene. He has already made presentations around the country. It was the capital for theContinue Reading

Brian Buchignani Celtic Musician 3

Brian Buchignani was born in Memphis, Tennessee. His music influence started early from his mother, a concert pianist. As his music study progressed, he developed an interest in different instruments, as well as different styles of music. Sometime later, he was drawn to spirituality and lived for a period inContinue Reading


Adrienne Roisin is an incredibly talented photographer who plies her skills to the Darker Realm. Her collection – Annwn Photography by Adrienne Roisin – depicts the beauty and danger of this Celtic Otherworld. In Welsh mythology, Annwn is the realm of the afterlife, a world of delights and eternal youthContinue Reading


Kathy Herdzina is a talented artist and Celtic Knot weaver. Her sketches have a wonderful hominess to them, but also a dash of mysticism. Her Celtic Knot cord jewelry is beyond compare. Kathy lives in Southern California and shows at the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Irwindale. You can alsoContinue Reading

All lovers of Celtic Art know the work of world-famous artist, Jen Delyth. As a Celtic artist myself, I have drawn inspiration from Jen’s work. Her sense of ancient mysticism is truly moving, and I am sure we have all experienced something spiritual when looking at her creations. I wantedContinue Reading

Enjoy this short musical track. Andrea Dean Van ScoyocCeltic, Viking and Fantasy musician, artist and Wise Woman, Andy Van Scoyoc is a cornucopia of creativity.   From Metal to Apocalyptic Doom, to Trance to Space Trash, Andy is constantly making new music, videos and engaging in some sort of fantasticalContinue Reading

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some amazing musicians and artists, both online and in person and one such artist is Christine Weir, or “Chris the Celt” on Instagram. Since we connected on IG, I started listening to some of her music and it is definitely worth checking out. ReadContinue Reading

This past summer, I featured The Darkeyed Musician and her album Illumina on my livestream The Tavern and also here on the Bonfires, Castles, and Time Travel. Through interviewing her, I discovered Timo Paakkonen of Grimwater Music, who also happened to produce her album! I ended up checking out hisContinue Reading

Now releasing the cover for my forthcoming single “Lullaby”! The lyrics to the song are based off of the Hans Christian Andersen classics The Match Girl and The (non-Disneyized) Little Mermaid. My aim was to have a dark lullaby sound with some Celtic and Scandanavian influences. I am also honoredContinue Reading

Calumcille ann an Eirinn Tha mi ag obair an co-bhonn ris an sgoilear Ghàidhlig Mìcheal Newton ré nam beagan mhìosan a chaidh seachad. Bhuilich CHARTS an duais Colmcille 1500 Heritage oirnn, agus chleachd sinn an cothrom ud gus an dealbh-beò seo mu sgeul Chaluim Chille ann an Éirinn a chruthachadhContinue Reading

Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc is a passionate soul. One look at her digital art will tell you that. As a Metal Music Promoter, Artist, Ambient Apocalyptic Doom Musician & En Pointe Ballerina Andrea has a lot to say. These enigmatic qualities make her a complicated, tortured soul, full of love,Continue Reading

Behind the artwork of the Rowan Tree… Earlier this year I came across a submission open for creatives to send work to be chosen in the “Voices of the Grove: Beltane 2021-2022 The Call of Brighid” journal-diary (Volume two in the series by Yuri Leitch) Naturally I felt the urgeContinue Reading

by Ravensdaughter    Art is an amazing thing. We don’t know exactly what it is or where it comes from. We don’t always understand the place in our minds that inspires us to create art, or the mindset of the artist. Being an artist myself, I know that – forContinue Reading

Celtic Artist Brian Boylan

Celtic Artist Brian Boylan was born in Skerries, Co. Dublin nearly right on top of Skerries Harbor. After two years at college, Brian got his first job in animation for Sullivan Bluth Studios in Balgriffin.From there he traveled to London and Australia working for Disney. He then settled in theContinue Reading