I first met Robert Mouland while camping 18th century style at Fort Frederick Market Faire in Big Pool, MD. He had a setup where he was demonstrating and performing some early music pieces, along with speaking of what he was playing and the instruments he was using. As someone whoContinue Reading

Greetings fellow adventurer! Back in September, I did get to take my yearly trip to Gettysburg, something that due to the circumstances surrounding 2020, I doubted that I would be able to do. When restrictions lifted during the summer, I wanted to take advantage of any opportunity to travel. ThisContinue Reading

Marg Gibbs, Australian Children’s Author shares her thoughts and insight into Self-Publishing and more. The last 6-8 months I have been conversing, creating and connecting with Marg in a poetry anthology called Kingdom of Rooms – Poems for Children Who Love to Collect, where some of my poems featured throughoutContinue Reading

In this episode, we discuss some Celtic history and lore. Also reviewed: @phanniesboozyjams Hot Pepper and Mango CBD infused jam @lbcchistorical Emily Bronte Tea Featured on my table setup are @mythologiecandles Middle Earth Candles and The Alchemist I also discuss what I have coming up music wise and as aContinue Reading

On the latest episode, I discuss the women of the early taverns! I also review some products by Mythologie Candles and Phannie’s Boozy Jams and Jellies. Hope you enjoy this sixth episode! Mythologie Candles Phannie’s Boozy Jams and Jellies Tiffany ApanFans are describing her music and stories as a muchContinue Reading

In this episode of The Tavern I sat down with the Celtic Folk Music group Faire May. In this episode, we discuss our favorite Celtic and World music, along with our time traveling adventures in living history! Check out Faire May on Instagram @fairemaymusic Faire May Facebook page: facebook.com/fairemay TiffanyContinue Reading

I was absolutely thrilled to have Phannie and Phinn of Phannie’s Boozy Jams and Jellies (hailing from Gettysburg, one of my favorite places!) inside The Tavern this evening! We discussed everything from delicious food that pairs well with their booze infused jams and jellies to ghostly occurrances experienced while inContinue Reading

We welcome on board this Galway based family Monika Wojtysiak, Daniel and baby Michalina owners of Francis Soap Shop, based in Galway providing a range of vegan, natural cosmetics and skin care products used to alleviate the symptoms of eczema or psoriasis that many people suffer from. “Chemical overloading alsoContinue Reading

So how do you think a cave troll would smell? Well, we find out when I unbox one of Mythologie Candle’s newest candles, Cave Troll!  Mythologie Candles is one of my favorite candles companies, specializing in nontoxic candles (made from a coconut blend wax and using a wooden wick whichContinue Reading

Wolfwalkers is a wonderful little film produced by the same studio that gave us The Secret Of Kells. Now, Wolfwalkers has just received an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature. I mean, how cool is that! This is a first for several reasons, mostly because this film aired on AppleContinue Reading

  Rónán and the Mermaid by Marianne McShane 2020Review by Jenny CatalanoA resurgence of Old Ireland gets unearthed in the beautiful picture book, Ronan and the Mermaid. Be swept away into another world of mystery and folklore, set in the author’s hometown of Bangor, Ireland. Ronan is washed ashore afterContinue Reading

In Cornwall there is a church on the cliffs above the sea in Penwith.  There is a story about the church and it goes like this.  One Sunday morning at the beginning of the service a woman entered and she was noted as being unearthly beautiful.  She had pale skinContinue Reading

My name is Colette. I grew on a farm in Co. Mayo, and set up home just three miles away. At the end of my farm is a wooded area where a stream meanders. Over thirty years ago my brother, Gabriel, unearthed part of a Giant Irish Deer’s antler, datedContinue Reading

Athenry Candles is a local, family-owned business in Co. Galway. We specialise in personalised candles and gifts for all occasions. Our main products are Wedding Candles, Christening Candles, and Remembrance Candles. We also sell Sand Ceremony kits. We customize every single item, and can accommodate any request. That’s the reasonContinue Reading

Humans upon arriving at the island, would find a most wonderful garden. A garden filled with flowers of brilliant colours. Flowers that defied description and with intoxicating scents. Birds singing, a very peaceful place that many would say would be akin to heaven.  The Fair Folk would present their humanContinue Reading

18th March is Sheelah’s Day. It was celebrated in the old Celtic Calendar Sheelah’s Day, also known as Sheelagh’s Day. It is an Irish cultural holiday celebrated on 18 March, which coincides with St. Patrick’s Day. While the holiday is no longer widely celebrated in Ireland, there are still associatedContinue Reading

This Friday, come celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with me on The Tavern Livestream. Keeping with the spirit of the holiday, we will be discussing some popular Celtic lore by candlelight (as always!). I look forward to having you join me at my IG Live at 8PM EST. The Tavern Livestream onContinue Reading