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If you ever wanted to dig into mystic symbols from Scottish, Viking and beyond, this is the perfect booklet for you. A most enjoyable read full of interesting notes from classic and original designs taken from the author’s sketchbook. Stone Mad Crafts is a self-taught stone carver based in ScotlandContinue Reading

Crafters of Ireland

Get your work visible in Ireland, Europe and the US. March 2020 and the onset of Covid pushed Bernadette to pivot and she founded Crafters of Ireland. Bernadette a management consultant who specializes in Innovation and Design Thinking knew her market inside out through mentoring and business advice clinics deliveredContinue Reading

Mystical Autumn – Fall Collection is just what the crone ordered… As I redraft my manuscript I have been working on these candles take my breathe away and immerse the soul. The smells allow for deeper thought while I write away in my historical, medieval children’s story. The collection ofContinue Reading

Beltane Fire Community Festival (South East Queensland, Australia) “Come one, come all to gather by the fire and celebrate – as our ancestors did many moons ago. For it is Beltane! A time of great celebration and joy, a time to harvest what we have sown and make sacred vows”.Continue Reading

Handmade Irish Gifts for Christmas Elizabeth, owner of  Caraliza Designs out of the ordinary 100% Merino Wool Shawls & gemstone jewllery such as “Chase your dreams” Amethyst earrings. A love story stretching from Ireland to India, when Elizabeth and Ali fell head over heals in lurve with each other. TheyContinue Reading

That’s right! You heard it here, first! Oh and…guess what? You know all those releases that are forthcoming for the next three years? Well, they are already released… EXCLUSIVELY…to Celtic Nations Radio! No need to wait…just listen to Celtic Nations Radio and you’ll hear ALL my music…ALL OF IT! Don’tContinue Reading

Listen to Streets of Valhalla! Now on Spotify! https://open.spotify.com/artist/44s92cZZvKkAuLIOVcdubB Enjoy! Andrea Dean Van ScoyocCeltic, Viking and Fantasy musician, artist and Wise Woman, Andy Van Scoyoc is a cornucopia of creativity.   From Metal to Apocalyptic Doom, to Trance to Space Trash, Andy is constantly making new music, videos and engagingContinue Reading

Enjoy this excerpt from my Dark Romantic Fantasy series, The Birthrite which is set to be rereleased in January of 2022! PART 1: HECTOR’S CAVE June 20, 1844 Tuxpan, Mexico The serenity of early evening surrounded Hector as he walked along the shore. He reveled in the ocean’s tide swallowingContinue Reading

TA: First, for those unfamiliar with your work, tell a little about yourself and what it is you do. JL: I’m Julian and I’m a small business owner who makes a variety of handmade items, typically with a magical, nature-inspired, gothic, or vintage aesthetic. I started out primarily making blank journalsContinue Reading

Happy Samhain, Happy New Year, Happy Halloween! Randi ThorneauRandi Thorneau loves to write product reviews. Reach out to her through the main submissions email for Celtic Nations Magazine – celticnationsmagazine@gmail.comContinue Reading

A rousing battle cry for all Valkyries, Shield Maidens and Warriors of the Goddess!

Sharpen your swords and don your shields…

On To Glory!

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Enjoy this short musical track. Andrea Dean Van ScoyocCeltic, Viking and Fantasy musician, artist and Wise Woman, Andy Van Scoyoc is a cornucopia of creativity.   From Metal to Apocalyptic Doom, to Trance to Space Trash, Andy is constantly making new music, videos and engaging in some sort of fantasticalContinue Reading

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some amazing musicians and artists, both online and in person and one such artist is Christine Weir, or “Chris the Celt” on Instagram. Since we connected on IG, I started listening to some of her music and it is definitely worth checking out. ReadContinue Reading

On Labor Day Weekend, I attended Fort Henry Days in Wheeling, West Virginia. While there, I performed with the music group The Wayward Companions, sat in with the Celtic folk music band Gallowglass, and was part of the 18th century encampment! And of course at these events, there are manyContinue Reading

This past summer, I featured The Darkeyed Musician and her album Illumina on my livestream The Tavern and also here on the Bonfires, Castles, and Time Travel. Through interviewing her, I discovered Timo Paakkonen of Grimwater Music, who also happened to produce her album! I ended up checking out hisContinue Reading