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Join me in The Tavern this Friday at 8PM EST on IG Live. In this episode, I’ll be talking about some new projects and updates on things that I’ll be releasing soon. I’ll also be talking a little of my forthcoming podcast, The Hidden Library and what to expect onContinue Reading

Calumcille ann an Eirinn Tha mi ag obair an co-bhonn ris an sgoilear Ghàidhlig Mìcheal Newton ré nam beagan mhìosan a chaidh seachad. Bhuilich CHARTS an duais Colmcille 1500 Heritage oirnn, agus chleachd sinn an cothrom ud gus an dealbh-beò seo mu sgeul Chaluim Chille ann an Éirinn a chruthachadhContinue Reading

This week’s show was amazing. We heard so many wonderful songs as long as getting to know Samuel Lawson. He is a brilliant musician, father, and I have to admit is my husband and the love of my life. He has played, wrote, and created music since he was aContinue Reading

Come and see the Celtic Rain Radio Show Tuesday night 9pm Eastern time featuring Samuel Lawson. He is a Classical Guitarist and Lute playing machine. You will not want to miss this show. We will also be playing music from all over the world and hitting all the wonderful typesContinue Reading

This weeks show of the Celtic Rain Radio Show we got to know Adam Crabtree. He is an amazing country musician that not only writes his own music but also plays with several bands. He has an amazing story of love, loss, and raising his beautiful son on his own.Continue Reading

This show was so amazing. David East is an amazing musician who’s heart just shines with love and light. Come Check out David East and the rest of the wonderful music that was played. Below is the line up of all of the songs and the wonderful groups and musiciansContinue Reading

I am really excited about having @the_darkeyed_musician in The Tavern on Friday! We will be discussing her new forthcoming album, along with her creative process and some other fun topics!If you enjoy Celtic music with fantasy and history themes, you might want to tune in!And as always, the replay willContinue Reading

The head of Loch Gilp: Lochgilphead, a small town is where the story begins. Seeped in Celtic history from cairns to castles, my Mackay ancestors (5 generation back) then sailed on to remote tropical rainforests of Queensland mid 1890s, after the death of great, great grandfather Chief Constable of Argyllshire Colin Mackay.Continue Reading

Do you believe in fairies?  Well some people do, some people do not and of course there is always where is the proof? There have been a few artifacts that have unusual origins but one particular one that stumped even the experts was what is now called the The FairyContinue Reading

Watch Now!!!!!!! And SUBSCRIBE!!!!! Rebekah LawsonRev. Rebekah Lawson: Began ministering through music at the tender age of three in groups like Children Around the World, Fishers of Men, and King’s Kids/YWAM. She grew up traveling in South Carolina and Florida with her evangelistic parents, and was under the leadership ofContinue Reading

Come and hear amazing music and get to know Adam Riviere. He is am amazing percussionist and plays with some of the best musicians I know. Along with our amazing music on the show this is a show you do not want to miss. All you have to do isContinue Reading

This was one of the most fun shows I have had. Jason is one of the most amazing people and I can’t wait for you to meat him and hear all the other amazing music from last week’s show. Watch now, subscribe, and have an amazing time. Rebekah LawsonRev. RebekahContinue Reading

Come hear some great music and get to know our guest artist, Jason Powell. Jason is the music minister at Life Journey Church in Indianapolis, IN and an amazing musician in his own right as well. There will be everything from Industrial Steampunk to Jazz to Celtic to Gospel toContinue Reading

Come hear great music of all kinds and get to know Gavehuffer tonight, Tuesday night, 9pm-11pm at www.youtube.com/c/celticrain. Rebekah LawsonRev. Rebekah Lawson: Began ministering through music at the tender age of three in groups like Children Around the World, Fishers of Men, and King’s Kids/YWAM. She grew up traveling inContinue Reading