When I heard the news that my husband’s brother and wife were coming for a visit I was very happy. It meant that I had to get busy and get the house prepared as they had got a real deal on flights and would be arriving next week.As I beganContinue Reading

18th March is Sheelah’s Day. It was celebrated in the old Celtic Calendar Sheelah’s Day, also known as Sheelagh’s Day. It is an Irish cultural holiday celebrated on 18 March, which coincides with St. Patrick’s Day. While the holiday is no longer widely celebrated in Ireland, there are still associatedContinue Reading

St. Valentine is known as the patron saint of Lovers, and his special day is February 14th. Actually, there were three St. Valentines who lived during the 3rd Century. Two lived in Italy, and were executed during the reign of Roman Emperor, Claudius Gothieus. The third resided in a Roman provinceContinue Reading

Dancing Cats In Kilts

Scottish Wildcats in Kilts A Blaring, some called it music; others called it noise. It was the melody of the bagpipes and it was certainly getting everyone moving. The swirling of the kilts the excited mewling cats as they twirled their partners on the dance floor. Indeed, it was aContinue Reading