Ireland is a beautiful place, and well known for its hospitality and friendliness. But do you know that, by saying certain things, that characteristic amicable streak of the Irish will turn into simmering rage? Here are the Top Ten Triggers.Continue Reading

How did an Irish charity book come to be endorsed by none other than actor Jeremy Irons during a pandemic? Niamh Cooper, Publisher at eThentique in west Cork goes behind the scenes of what happened. When the world stopped turning In March 2020, most of us found ourselves at home,Continue Reading

‘Lights on the Horizon’ is an all-Irish (Ireland and Northern Ireland) book, written during the very first lockdown in 2020. But what makes it so special? Publisher and Celtic Nations Magazine contributor, Niamh Cooper explains.Continue Reading

Saint Brigid, or Bridget of Kildare, was a Patron Saint of Ireland – and a contemporary of a certain St. Patrick. Her existence is recorded in the Irish annals, which is how the books written by Irish monks are known. It is widely speculated that St. Brigid was not onlyContinue Reading

Dear Ireland by Niamh Cooper (Sung to the tune of ‘The Sick Note’, by The Dubliners) Dear Ireland, I write this note to you,To tell you of our plight.And at the time of writing,I’m not a pretty sight!I’ve COVID hair, I’ve cracked my chair,My pants are awf’lly tight.And I writeContinue Reading