This evening, as we await the snow in my area, I do my first unboxing of @firelightfables , a nontoxic candle company that also offers an immersive experience into the world of fantasy, history, and dungeons and dragons.Thanks to those that joined me and definitely check this candle company out,Continue Reading

Hey hey!Today I unbox the limited edition Camelot Collection put out by Mythologie Candles, giving my honest first time reaction to the candles in this mini collection.If you are into Medieval and Fantasy stories, along with myth and legend (particularly those concerning King Arthur and Excalibur), you might want toContinue Reading

Travel to a world of dark forests and Gothic Cathedrals. Explore the realms of hidden castles and the ancient runes.Tiffany Apan’s first release for the year 2022 is a journey through such worlds, taking you on many twists and turns through a Medieval Fantasy world, with songs like “Ghost,” ChuckContinue Reading

Last year, Chuck Owston and I livestreamed this Winters Night Living Room Sessions Concert via my Facebook and IG Live pages. This year, we present it to you again and now with a new EP titled Coventry Carol, which was also recorded in a Living Room Session! I began myContinue Reading

Enjoy this excerpt from my Dark Romantic Fantasy series, The Birthrite which is set to be rereleased in January of 2022! PART 1: HECTOR’S CAVE June 20, 1844 Tuxpan, Mexico The serenity of early evening surrounded Hector as he walked along the shore. He reveled in the ocean’s tide swallowingContinue Reading

TA: First, for those unfamiliar with your work, tell a little about yourself and what it is you do. JL: I’m Julian and I’m a small business owner who makes a variety of handmade items, typically with a magical, nature-inspired, gothic, or vintage aesthetic. I started out primarily making blank journalsContinue Reading

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some amazing musicians and artists, both online and in person and one such artist is Christine Weir, or “Chris the Celt” on Instagram. Since we connected on IG, I started listening to some of her music and it is definitely worth checking out. ReadContinue Reading

On Labor Day Weekend, I attended Fort Henry Days in Wheeling, West Virginia. While there, I performed with the music group The Wayward Companions, sat in with the Celtic folk music band Gallowglass, and was part of the 18th century encampment! And of course at these events, there are manyContinue Reading

This past summer, I featured The Darkeyed Musician and her album Illumina on my livestream The Tavern and also here on the Bonfires, Castles, and Time Travel. Through interviewing her, I discovered Timo Paakkonen of Grimwater Music, who also happened to produce her album! I ended up checking out hisContinue Reading

For quite some time, I’ve been into a more primal and holistic form of health and beauty. So when I discovered Jenna Caprice of The White Witch Parlour on YouTube, I was immediately hooked on her delivery of information and philosophy on life and the world. Therefore, you can onlyContinue Reading

One of the greatest things about being in the living history, reenactment, film, theater, and the music worlds is all the amazing and beautiful people I meet, whether in person and online. Read on below and find out more about the amazing artisan of 18th century jewelry, historical romance bookContinue Reading

I am really excited to bring you my new single “Lullaby”!This song was inspired by the Hans Christian Andersen tales, The Match Girl and The Little Mermaid (the non-Disneyized story), with a musical arrangement that is of a Dark Celtic inspiration, with some Scandinavian notes. The lyrics and music wereContinue Reading