Not only is the history of the Pict tribes attracting interest because of their mysterious past, so is Hamish Lamley’s passion on BBC television! “Leatherwork is my connection to the past. It is my way to solve problems as our ancestors did, to work at my own pace and seeContinue Reading

The famous Triskele.  Part of a thesis I wrote was on Chakras but the thrust was that the idea was not from India originally.  Instead, it may have actually been originally Celtic thought.  Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel and comes from Vedic writings.  There are thought to beContinue Reading

Wolfwalkers is a wonderful little film produced by the same studio that gave us The Secret Of Kells. Now, Wolfwalkers has just received an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature. I mean, how cool is that! This is a first for several reasons, mostly because this film aired on AppleContinue Reading

Here are some neat ideas for St. Patrick’s Day. Celtic Nations Magazine is part of the Amazon Associates program, and your purchase is most appreciated. Erin Go Bragh! Randi ThorneauRandi Thorneau loves to write product reviews. Reach out to her through the main submissions email for Celtic Nations Magazine –Continue Reading

Welcome to everyone who just watched Whisky Tasting Wednesday March 3rd, 2021 I would like to extend my personal welcome to everyone who joined us for Whisky Tasting Wednesday. We just ended the live cast, and the whisky is hitting my brain, so I happily greet you all! Tonight IContinue Reading

St. Valentine is known as the patron saint of Lovers, and his special day is February 14th. Actually, there were three St. Valentines who lived during the 3rd Century. Two lived in Italy, and were executed during the reign of Roman Emperor, Claudius Gothieus. The third resided in a Roman provinceContinue Reading

In 2013, Tony Roberts (second from left below) and three former co-workers founded the Three Stills Company and set about opening the first Scottish Borders distillery in more than 180 years. l. to r. George Tait, Tony Roberts, John Fordyce and Tim Carton. (Photo courtesy ILF Imaging) Among their spiritsContinue Reading

Celtic Necklace by Kathy Herdzina

One of the truly talented artisans I know is Kathy Herdzina. Kathy has been my friend for 10 years, and we both show our work at the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire. Kathy draws the most amazing life studies and she also weaves the most amazing Celtic knot jewelry. That’sContinue Reading

Fire of Learning features content by American YouTuber, Justin. His videos contain educational content in which he discusses topics such as history, culture, language, and related subjects. The Fire of Learning YouTube Channel is perhaps best known for the “History of Nations and Peoples Documentary Series” in which Justin explores theContinue Reading

This amazing drone show was staged over the Scottish Highlands and then placed into city scenes of Edinburgh. The entire event was COVID-safe, and a fitting tribute to the passing of 2020 and the welcoming of 2021. Happy New Year To All! CNM-admincelticnationsmagazine.comContinue Reading

BLACK AGNES by Susan Macdonald (verses 1-4, 6-9) Lady Agnes Randolph, Countess of Dunbar (verses 5 & 10)First Place, Arkansas Scottish Festival Annual Celtic Poetry Contest, 2017 Black Agnes was a bonnie wench. The daughter of an earl. Her heart, it was a warrior’s heart. Her face, it was aContinue Reading

If you’re looking for two folks who know how to have a ‘hot’ time, look no further that Mike Otis and his wife Ginger. Together they are Motley Mike’s Pyrography. Mike and Ginger knew they needed something to occupy their retirement years, and so they turned to a unique formContinue Reading

Dancing Cats In Kilts

Scottish Wildcats in Kilts A Blaring, some called it music; others called it noise. It was the melody of the bagpipes and it was certainly getting everyone moving. The swirling of the kilts the excited mewling cats as they twirled their partners on the dance floor. Indeed, it was aContinue Reading


Donn Harper Jr. Appalachian American TransLeprechaun. Height is no barrier, gimme my pot o gold! CONNECT WITH DONN ON FACEBOOK If you enjoyed this article, please DONATE to Donn Harper COPYRIGHT NOTE: The Poet chooses the graphics for his poems, the words of which are solely his creation. Some ofContinue Reading

Anyone looking for the most wondrous clay overlays need look no further than The Clay Goddess. Gypsy Spring began working with polymer clay in 2006. By 2007 she had run out of enough room in her small house to store her creations, and so her ‘festival road show’ began. CateringContinue Reading

An Claidheamh Soluis / The Celtic Arts Center celebrates it’s 20th Annual celebration of the Scottish literary and romantic genius, Robert Burns. Because the CoViD-19 epidemic has kept our doors (and kitchen) sealed, we put together a video filled with highlights from past celebration as well as delightful new performancesContinue Reading

Raven Queen of Battle

Goddess of Battle Fate By Arian Niwl   Men struggle with curses and shouts Ground soaked with flowing life’s blood The battle rages without any doubts Warrior’s fall into the red soaked mud   I watch with dark raven sharp eyes A spectacle and scene that is a play WearingContinue Reading

Journey of the Soulby Elsa Marie Edmond In the depths of despair a light shines in the dark, Knowing not from where it comes the soul lies bare, lies stark. For without the dark there can be no light, no dusk no dawn nor in between, Within all dark dothContinue Reading