Celtic Necklace by Kathy Herdzina

One of the truly talented artisans I know is Kathy Herdzina. Kathy has been my friend for 10 years, and we both show our work at the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire. Kathy draws the most amazing life studies and she also weaves the most amazing Celtic knot jewelry. That’sContinue Reading

Sacred Tree Medicine by Ellen Evert Hopman

A Druid’s Herbal of Sacred Tree Medicine by Ellen Evert Hopman, Rochester, VT: Destiny Books, 2008      I came to read A Druid’s Herbal of Sacred Tree Medicine after having read and reviewed three of Hopman’s other impressive books: A Druid’s Herbal for the Sacred Earth Year; The Sacred HerbsContinue Reading

Sacred-Herbs-of-Samhain by Ellen Evert Hopman

The Sacred Herbs of Samhain: Plants to Contact the Spirits of the Dead by Ellen Evert Hopman, Rochester, VT: Destiny Books, 2019      With my love of the Wheel of Light with its eight spokes and communing with plant spirits through ecstatic trance, I found this title irresistible and hadContinue Reading

Sacred-Herbs-of-Spring by Ellen Evert Hopman

The Sacred Herbs of Spring: Magical, Healing and Edible Plants to Celebrate Beltaine by Ellen Evert Hopman, Rochester, VT: Destiny Books, 2020      I was given the opportunity to review a prepublication manuscript of The Sacred Herbs of Beltaine and jumped at the opportunity with my love for her previousContinue Reading

A Druid's Herbal by Ellen Evert Hopman

A Druid’s Herbal for the Sacred Earth Year by Ellen Evert Hopman, Rochester, VT: Destiny Books, 1995      I came to review Hopman’s book because of my reading and review of her most recent book, The Sacred Herbs of Samhain: Plants to Contact the Spirits of the Dead and ofContinue Reading

Sacred Plant Initiations by Carole Guyett

Sacred Plant Initiations: Communicating with Plants for Healing and Higher Consciousness by Carole Guyett. Rochester, VT: Bear & Co, 2015      I was drawn to reviewing Sacred Plant Initiations by its title since I use and value initiation ceremonies for communicating with plants.  Also, in first flipping through the bookContinue Reading

Druid Isle by Ellen Evert Hopman

The Druid Isle by Ellen Evert Hopman, Woodbury, MI: Llewellyn Publications, 2010.      I was led to read and review The Druid Isle after reading Hopman’s first impressive novel, Priestess of the Forest.  The Druid Isle, the second book of a trilogy, is equally impressive.  Ellen Evert Hopman, a teacherContinue Reading

Priestess of the Forest by Ellen Evert Hopman 2

Priestess of the Forest: A Druid Journey by Ellen Evert Hopman, 2020      I was asked to review Priestess of the Forest by the author, Ellen Evert Hopman, after having reviewed several of her other books.  With my long term love for the time-free stories of the ancients, especially storiesContinue Reading

Anyone looking for the most wondrous clay overlays need look no further than The Clay Goddess. Gypsy Spring began working with polymer clay in 2006. By 2007 she had run out of enough room in her small house to store her creations, and so her ‘festival road show’ began. CateringContinue Reading


Think Before You Ink! This sums up the experience of many who wish to express love for their Celtic heritage, but have no idea – not only what to say – but how to say it correctly. What’s the difference between Irish Gaelic and Scottish Gaelic? How does that phraseContinue Reading


Pendragon Chainmail is a predominantly history and fantasy based armor company based out of Akron Ohio, and operates mostly within the Renaissance and Medieval festivals as traveling merchants. The owner and founder, Jerry Hartung, began over thirty years ago by hand making his first shirt of Chainmail with steel linksContinue Reading

Kult of Athena Broze-Era Celtic Sword Horizontal

Swords!  Oh, my goodness, while spears and arrows certainly were good weapons, there has always been something mystical and special about what is essentially a big long knife.  Yes, I know some will disagree with that assessment, but that is basically where swords came from. However, swords have had aContinue Reading

Jade Espirit Edouard Absinthe

Ah, Absinthe!  What mysteries are associated with this drink?  The myths and legends of driving people to madness prompted a near world-wide ban on the drink. Now some might ask what does absinthe have to do with the Celtic world.  Well the use of worm wood was well known andContinue Reading

Ardbeg 10 Year Old Scotch Whisky

Scotch, if you even got a bit of Celtic in your genes you know this lovely drink.  If you have a bit more you know the best to anyone with a palette for fine Scotch will go with single malt.  If you are not familiar single malt means made inContinue Reading

Scottish Cranachan Recipe from Eric McBride the Celtic Caterer

Honey 7 Whisky-Laced Whipped Cream with folded in Raspberries and topped with toasted Steel Cut Oats. Scottish Cranachan Recipe from Chef Eric McBride, The Celtic Caterer. Randi ThorneauRandi Thorneau loves to write product reviews. Reach out to her through the main submissions email for Celtic Nations Magazine – celticnationsmagazine@gmail.comContinue Reading

Celtic Chef Eric McBride The Celtic Caterer

To Say Chef McBride is passionate about Celtic Food and its Culture is a bit of an understatement.  Classically educated in Celtic History and Literature his experiences have taken him across 4 continents and more than 20 countries.  At one point he found himself the Head Maître d’ for PrincessContinue Reading

Celtic Art Burst Face Mask from Celtic Art Store

If you’re looking for a good source of Celtic Face Masks, check out the Face Fashions collection at the Celtic Art Store. These masks, designed by Celtic Artist Ravensdaughter, use her original Celtic knot designs combined with lovely backgrounds and flourish accents. These masks are made overseas, but the CelticContinue Reading

Welcome to IrishMOJI Magic, Irelands #1 Emoji/Sticker App! We’re a mad bunch of lads and lassies we Irish… And if you’re looking for Shamrocks and Shenanigans, a bit of Father Ted or even the Dessie-Swim then you’ve come to the right place! So download IrishMOJI Magic today and enjoy aContinue Reading

The Ancient Celts and their spiritual mentors the Druids viewed life as a continuous cycle of birth-death-rebirth, for they understood that everything moved in a spiral, from the growth of a snail’s shell to the whirling galaxies above. The changing seasons announced the steps of the yearly dance, and wereContinue Reading