Behind the artwork of the Rowan Tree… Earlier this year I came across a submission open for creatives to send work to be chosen in the “Voices of the Grove: Beltane 2021-2022 The Call of Brighid” journal-diary (Volume two in the series by Yuri Leitch) Naturally I felt the urgeContinue Reading

Here’s a little video by Michael Fortune demonstrating how to make a St. Brigid’s Cross.   He has been making the St. Brigid’s Cross for the past 40 years and never tires of gathering the rushes and making them on the 31st of January, the Eve of St. Brigid’s Day.Continue Reading

Imbloc is coming up and is known also as Brigid’s day and has become conflated with the old goddess with a later person that has become known as St. Brigid’s Day. Now most know St. Brigid as being primarily associated with Ireland. However, she is also found in Wales. ThereContinue Reading

Join the The Association of Irish & Celtic Festivals for a celebration of St. Brigid, by highlighting some of the wonderful female Irish acts from around the world. Co-hosts for the event: Eileen Ivers Joanie Madden Cherish the Ladies Performers include: Morgan Bullock Karan Casey Cherish the Ladies Ashley DavisContinue Reading