Painting of the Gods

Much has been written about the power and influence of mythology. Myth is a profoundly magickal experience. I state ‘experience’ because myths exist in every essence of our existence. Myths provide the framework, the basis of how we perceive the world, of how we interact with each other. Mythology teachesContinue Reading

Ritual And The Druids by Nico van Leeuwen The Lives of the Irish Saints are written in Latin and in early medieval Irish. The latter are of special interest in that they seem to utilize local oral tradition in order to elucidate and illuminate their subject. Many miracles are attributedContinue Reading

Celtic Zodiac Astrology - Horse - Mini

From Celtic astrology is one of the oldest in the world, primarily used by the natives of Central European nations. The Celts were highly conscious of their environment and imbibed nature in their religion and symbols. Consequently, their astrology is also divided into Celtic tree signs and Celtic animalsContinue Reading