Over in Cornwall is one of the best-preserved ancient villages in SW England. This is known as Carn Euny from the Cornish Karn Uni. It is located near the village of Sancreed. The earliest houses here appear to have been built around 500 to 400BCE as Iron Age round houses.Continue Reading

Back on the Isle of Man outside Castletown is a very interesting ancient monument called Balladoole. Sometime in 1945, a team consisting of a German refugee along with a team from the internment camp based on the island was put to work looking at an Iron Age hill fort inContinue Reading

Ring of Brogdar

Have you ever gotten that tug of place? That is that draw to a certain place that seems to resonate within you and seems to call you back even if it has been years? That has happened to me lately, and the monument is not the more familiar Henge butContinue Reading

Emmery Celtic Cross Donegal ireland

Travelers flying into the City of Derry airport have been able to view a breathtaking sight, a giant Celtic Cross growing in the forested countryside. Crafted from roughly 3,000 Japanese Larch, deciduous conifers that bear yellowish needles in the Autumn, this masterpiece of horticultural art was planted by forester LiamContinue Reading