This issue, we explore the art of Brian Boylan. Brian Boylan was born in Skerries, Co. Dublin, nearly right on top of Skerries Harbor. After two years at college, Brian got his first job in animation for Sullivan Bluth Studios in Balgriffin. From there he traveled to London and AustraliaContinue Reading

Metalhead Piper. This isn’t the typical job description that you find on a resume. You might find Metalhead Guitarist or Metalhead Drummer, perhaps even Metalhead Vocalist, but Metalhead Piper? And yet as interesting as this moniker sounds, it doesn’t begin to describe the talents of Pereg Ar Bagol, a multi-facetedContinue Reading

My journey into tartan design stems from my love of how tartans are a tangible connection between a family, ancestors, and heritage. They’re like a kindred link with the like-minded people no community should ever forget. When I thought of the idea for the Eurasian Otter Tartan, I first wantedContinue Reading

If we lived in Pict World, there would be… Jenny CatalanoJenny Catalano is a children’s writer and illustrator. She lives in Eastern Australia where she is inspired by the natural environment and drawn to ancient worlds through her family history.Continue Reading