In this issue of Celtic Nations Magazine, we explore worldwide Celtic diaspora, which is why I found our featured musician both fascinating and apropos. Archy J is The Snake Charmer. She is based in New Delhi, India, and her bagpipe videos are watched by millions. Her style is one ofContinue Reading

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As a Star Wars fan from the 70’s (I was 12 when the first movie burst on to theater screens and my life was never the same), I was reluctant to try The Mandalorian. Sorry, but I just haven’t been a fan of any of the films following the originalContinue Reading

by Ravensdaughter    Art is an amazing thing. We don’t know exactly what it is or where it comes from. We don’t always understand the place in our minds that inspires us to create art, or the mindset of the artist. Being an artist myself, I know that – forContinue Reading