BLACK AGNES by Susan Macdonald (verses 1-4, 6-9) Lady Agnes Randolph, Countess of Dunbar (verses 5 & 10)First Place, Arkansas Scottish Festival Annual Celtic Poetry Contest, 2017 Black Agnes was a bonnie wench. The daughter of an earl. Her heart, it was a warrior’s heart. Her face, it was aContinue Reading

Will ‘o the Wisp by Arian Niwl   Now Tom was a fine man oh so rare Handsome of features with ginger hair And a big heart that was friendly and fair   Now each maiden from young to old From one’s so shy, to those so bold Raven hairedContinue Reading


Donn Harper Jr. Appalachian American TransLeprechaun. Height is no barrier, gimme my pot o gold! CONNECT WITH DONN ON FACEBOOK If you enjoyed this article, please DONATE to Donn Harper COPYRIGHT NOTE: The Poet chooses the graphics for his poems, the words of which are solely his creation. Some ofContinue Reading

Raven Queen of Battle

Goddess of Battle Fate By Arian Niwl   Men struggle with curses and shouts Ground soaked with flowing life’s blood The battle rages without any doubts Warrior’s fall into the red soaked mud   I watch with dark raven sharp eyes A spectacle and scene that is a play WearingContinue Reading

The Crow a Mystic Celtic Poem by Lily Smith

Follow Ms. Lily on Facebook Erin RadoErin Rado is the Editor of Celtic Nations Magazine. She is also the Celtic Artist, Ravensdaughter, who specializes in Celtic & Labyrinth meditation art. Her eclectic sense has inspired her to cultivate and collect “All Things Celtic”, which is the inspiration for Celtic NationsContinue Reading

Journey of the Soulby Elsa Marie Edmond In the depths of despair a light shines in the dark, Knowing not from where it comes the soul lies bare, lies stark. For without the dark there can be no light, no dusk no dawn nor in between, Within all dark dothContinue Reading

Otherworld Calling by Elsa Marie Edmond Heart laid bare, tattered and torn With no more fight inside; Dark cold soul lost and forlorn Drowning by the incoming tide.   A soul alas from foreign lands Hidden from this plane; Pale skinned and frozen hands Fading as the life force drains.Continue Reading

Ravens a Celtic Poem by Kieron P. Baird

Kieron P. Baird is a published writer, on a personal journey of self-discovery and improved mental well-being. Kieron has a First-Class Honours Degree in Animal Biology and lives in Central Scotland, UK. Connect with Kieron P. Baird on Facebook. If you enjoyed this poem, please DONATE to Kieron P. BairdContinue Reading


THIS PLACE By Declan Murphy Dedicated to John Hume   In bygone days of yore, I used to love this place Men of Ulster side by side, led and drawn by God’s Grace Summertime brought cause for great colourful celebration As we sought to preserve our faith, and our fledglingContinue Reading