“A Night at the Mine” by Kieron Baird    The three teenagers made their way through the small woods and onwards to the abandoned coal mine. It wasn’t too far from their homes and provided a great escape. No prying parents or nosy neighbours with their judgmental eyes. It wasContinue Reading

Dancing Cats In Kilts

Scottish Wildcats in Kilts A Blaring, some called it music; others called it noise. It was the melody of the bagpipes and it was certainly getting everyone moving. The swirling of the kilts the excited mewling cats as they twirled their partners on the dance floor. Indeed, it was aContinue Reading

Monk and Candle Cropped

The Otherworldly King by Felipe Pan Glamorgan, c. 530 A.D. Gildas stared intently at the piece of parchment lying on his candle-lit table and sighed. Every other pupil had already retired to their dormitories, leaving the dark corridors of the monastery of Cor Tewdws eerily silent. The smell of clayContinue Reading

Lion and Dragon Cover Banner

The Lion And The Dragon By Greg PatrickWritten in Wales. Owain Glyndŵr Day “Where now the horse and the rider? Where is the horn that was blowing? Where is the helm and the hauberk and the bright hair flowing? Where is the hand on the harp-string, and the red fireContinue Reading