In 2013, Tony Roberts (second from left below) and three former co-workers founded the Three Stills Company and set about opening the first Scottish Borders distillery in more than 180 years. l. to r. George Tait, Tony Roberts, John Fordyce and Tim Carton. (Photo courtesy ILF Imaging) Among their spiritsContinue Reading

Jade Espirit Edouard Absinthe

Ah, Absinthe!  What mysteries are associated with this drink?  The myths and legends of driving people to madness prompted a near world-wide ban on the drink. Now some might ask what does absinthe have to do with the Celtic world.  Well the use of worm wood was well known andContinue Reading

Ardbeg 10 Year Old Scotch Whisky

Scotch, if you even got a bit of Celtic in your genes you know this lovely drink.  If you have a bit more you know the best to anyone with a palette for fine Scotch will go with single malt.  If you are not familiar single malt means made inContinue Reading