Alison A. MacRae is a self-taught writer and photographer born in Glasgow, Scotland. While attending secondary school In Yoker, Glasgow.  Alison was introduced to the wonderful subject of History and the secrets it held. Throughout her life, she lived in U.A.E. Caribean, Texas and at the age of  17 took permanent residence In Canada. With her passion for writing and photography, Alison’s current residence is Hope Town Quebec. It is the ideal location to photograph wildlife. It is well worth the abundance of patience and stamina it takes to capture the perfect photos, some of which have been seen on National Television, Global National T.V. and the Weather Network.. To her credit Alison has written a Scottish Faerie novel, which she is looking to publish, as well her short story submission won first prize and a place in a book called Homegrown A collection of Gaspesian writings. . You may know Alison’s work from the Celtic Guide Magazine, no longer publishing.    Currently, Alison writes for the Celtic Nations Magazine. 



by Alison MacRae The Faerie Flag of Clan MacLeod is not just any old story or myth. It is a legend. The flag exists in its ancient tattered and delicate state at Dunvegan Castle, the Isle of Skye Scotland, and…
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The mouse who has a University Degree

When I heard the news that my husband’s brother and wife were coming for a visit I was very happy. It meant that I had to get busy and get the house prepared as they had got a real deal…
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Sheelah’s Day

18th March is Sheelah’s Day. It was celebrated in the old Celtic Calendar Sheelah’s Day, also known as Sheelagh’s Day. It is an Irish cultural holiday celebrated on 18 March, which coincides with St. Patrick’s Day. While the holiday is…
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Dancing Cats In Kilts

Scottish Wildcats in Kilts by Alison MacRae

Scottish Wildcats in Kilts A Blaring, some called it music; others called it noise. It was the melody of the bagpipes and it was certainly getting everyone moving. The swirling of the kilts the excited mewling cats as they twirled…
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