Rebekah Lawson is part of Celtic Rain – an original Celtic Spiritual Fusion Folk band made up of a husband/wife and friend team who are professional musicians and their wonderful musician friends who come along to make beautiful music and change lives together. We are able to take traditional Celtic tunes and make them our own with a twist of jazz, classical, and acoustic sound and style. We also write original pieces that touch the heart in a Spiritual way while trowing in a twist of Spanish Celtic Jazz guitar. Come experience the Celtic side of life. We would love to come and play for you any time.


https://soundcloud.com/user-505063503/bonfires-and-castles-episode-1-rebekah-lawson-of-celtic-rain?si=53433d6eda1d4a38a3ec0d331d4cc579&utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing In this first episode of Bonfires and Castles Podcast, I sit down for a ‘bonfireside chat’ with talented singer, songwriter, musician, and radio show host Rebekah Lawson. Rebekah is in a variety of musical groups, including Celtic Rain, The…
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Celtic Rain Radio Show With Bradford Ray Bailey 7/6/21

https://youtu.be/ZYdZhpeGNPc This week’s show was amazing. We heard so many wonderful songs as long as getting to know Bradford Ray Bailey. Bradford is a wonderful musician who is an amazing guitarist and video producer. Fun fact that we figured out…
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Celtic Rain Radio Show with Ancient Sins 6/29/21

https://youtu.be/S0LldrZvY_A This week’s show was amazing. We heard so many wonderful songs as long as getting to know Ancient Sins. Wes is a wonderful musician who is also serving his country. He will be moving to CA soon and is…
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Getting Ready For the Show

Come and see the Celtic Rain Radio Show Tuesday night 9pm Eastern time featuring Samuel Lawson. He is a Classical Guitarist and Lute playing machine. You will not want to miss this show. We will also be playing music from…
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Coming Next on the Celtic Rain Radio Show

Come and hear amazing music and get to know Adam Riviere. He is am amazing percussionist and plays with some of the best musicians I know. Along with our amazing music on the show this is a show you do…
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Celtic Rain Radio Show with Jason Powell

This was one of the most fun shows I have had. Jason is one of the most amazing people and I can’t wait for you to meat him and hear all the other amazing music from last week’s show. Watch…
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Celtic Rain Radio Show 4/27/2021

https://youtu.be/0dl7ZiV3YKk Can’t wait for you to hear this great music and get to now Mike Ramos. Also you get to help name my new mascot. Watch now and let’s have some fun!!!!
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Celtic Rain Radio Show

Come tonight and get to know Mike Ramos. Come tonight and hear some amazing music of all types. I love getting to know all these amazing artists and share such amazing music and now you can be a part. Tuesdays…
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Getting To Know Celtic Rain and Me

Rev. Rebekah Lawson: Began ministering through music at the tender age of three in groups like Children Around the World, Fishers of Men, and King’s Kids/YWAM. She grew up traveling in South Carolina and Florida with her evangelistic parents, and…
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