Fans are describing her music and stories as a much welcome escape into another world. Drawing inspiration from the works of fantasy writers like JRR Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Diana Gabaldon, and George R.R. Martin, along with historical events, mythology, ancient texts, and lore, Tiffany aims to take you into a world of bonfires, castles, dragons, and of course, time travel! 

From ethereal gothic ballads to folk-tales inspired by the Celts and Viking sea adventures, symphonic world instrumentation and operatic blast beats that invoke passion and mystery, her voice and style has been described as being truly unique.

Her music and stories have received critical acclaim with her “Scarborough Fair” music video won first place in the Open Genre Music Video category at the International Indie Gathering Film Festival in Cleveland, OH. Some songs have been selected and featured in several independent films.

In addition to music and writing, she is active in living history and reenactment communities, bringing history education to the public along with allowing her to indulge her affinity and obsession with costuming and period clothing!  Such endeavors also led to her performing vocals and percussion with the 18th century Celtic Folk group, Wayward Companions and appearing as a guest vocalist with the Pittsburgh Historical Music Society Orchestra.

When she’s not time traveling, she is also dedicated to holistic health and fitness. 

As a side project, she runs the online webzine and podcast at the Bonfires, Castles, and Time Travel. Currently, she is working on a new studio album heavily inspired by events and key figures from Tudor England.

Bonfires, Castles, and Time Travel Webzine: http://tiffanyslabyrinth.blogspot.com

Webzine Instagram: instagram.com/bonfiresandcastles

Facebook Group: facebook.com/groups/antiquityillusion

Tiffany Apan featuring Chuck Owston – Scarborough Fair (Acoustic Version) (single)

Bonfires and Castles, Ep. 3: Chuck Owston & the Story Behind Raggle Taggle Gypsy

https://soundcloud.com/user-505063503/bonfires-and-castles-ep-3-chuck-owston-the-story-behind-raggle-taggle-gypsy?si=9a843d8ed8c1406a9717c712a28e44a8&utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing Episode 3 of the Bonfires and Castles Podcast This episode was recorded on the spot when Chuck Owston and I did our living room session for the traditional folk song Raggle Taggle Gypsy.Many artists have recorded and performed this…
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BONFIRES & CASTLES PODCAST, Ep. 2: Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc

https://soundcloud.com/user-505063503/bonfires-castles-episode-2-andrea-van-scoyoc?utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing I’ve had the pleasure of knowing writer, songstress, and activist Andrea Van Scoyoc for several years and I was only too happy to have her on the second episode of the Bonfires & Castles Podcast!In this interview, we discuss…
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UNBOXING: Firelight Fables Candle Company

https://youtu.be/Vgsg36DRRdQ This evening, as we await the snow in my area, I do my first unboxing of @firelightfables , a nontoxic candle company that also offers an immersive experience into the world of fantasy, history, and dungeons and dragons.Thanks to…
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MYTHOLOGIE CANDLE REVIEW: Camelot Candle Collection

https://youtu.be/qq1FcdsYxxg Hey hey!Today I unbox the limited edition Camelot Collection put out by Mythologie Candles, giving my honest first time reaction to the candles in this mini collection.If you are into Medieval and Fantasy stories, along with myth and legend…
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https://soundcloud.com/user-505063503/bonfires-and-castles-episode-1-rebekah-lawson-of-celtic-rain?si=53433d6eda1d4a38a3ec0d331d4cc579&utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing In this first episode of Bonfires and Castles Podcast, I sit down for a ‘bonfireside chat’ with talented singer, songwriter, musician, and radio show host Rebekah Lawson. Rebekah is in a variety of musical groups, including Celtic Rain, The…
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https://youtu.be/h9EMn1SefMg Last year, Chuck Owston and I livestreamed this Winters Night Living Room Sessions Concert via my Facebook and IG Live pages. This year, we present it to you again and now with a new EP titled Coventry Carol, which…
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18th CENTURY MERCH HAUL: Fort Henry Days

https://youtu.be/pENqTx0GYgA On Labor Day Weekend, I attended Fort Henry Days in Wheeling, West Virginia. While there, I performed with the music group The Wayward Companions, sat in with the Celtic folk music band Gallowglass, and was part of the 18th…
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This past summer, I featured The Darkeyed Musician and her album Illumina on my livestream The Tavern and also here on the Bonfires, Castles, and Time Travel. Through interviewing her, I discovered Timo Paakkonen of Grimwater Music, who also happened…
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PRODUCT REVIEW: The White Witch Parlour

My favorite White Witch Parlour products For quite some time, I’ve been into a more primal and holistic form of health and beauty. So when I discovered Jenna Caprice of The White Witch Parlour on YouTube, I was immediately hooked…
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INTERVIEW: Kimberly Walters (Sign of a Gray Horse)

Photo taken by Harry Aycock at the Carlyle House Historic Park, Alexandria, VA One of the greatest things about being in the living history, reenactment, film, theater, and the music worlds is all the amazing and beautiful people I meet,…
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NEW RELEASE: My new single “Lullaby”

https://youtu.be/RywMHVtZX3Y I am really excited to bring you my new single “Lullaby”!This song was inspired by the Hans Christian Andersen tales, The Match Girl and The Little Mermaid (the non-Disneyized story), with a musical arrangement that is of a Dark…
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Cover Release of my single LULLABY!

Now releasing the cover for my forthcoming single “Lullaby”! The lyrics to the song are based off of the Hans Christian Andersen classics The Match Girl and The (non-Disneyized) Little Mermaid. My aim was to have a dark lullaby sound…
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https://youtu.be/W7d7VgPJ0Rg I am really excited to share this preview of my new single “Lullaby”, which is being released on July 9! A little about the song: This song was written to sound like a dark Lullaby, hence the title. I…
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Join me in The Tavern this Friday at 8PM EST on IG Live. In this episode, I’ll be talking about some new projects and updates on things that I’ll be releasing soon. I’ll also be talking a little of my…
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This Friday in The Tavern…

I am really excited about having @the_darkeyed_musician in The Tavern on Friday! We will be discussing her new forthcoming album, along with her creative process and some other fun topics!If you enjoy Celtic music with fantasy and history themes, you…
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by Tiffany Apan The Celtic world is one filled with mystery and wonder. Perhaps this is why many of us find ourselves drawn to the culture and lives of the ancients at some point in our lives. For me, it…
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FOOD REVIEW: Phannie’s Boozy Jams and Jellies

Greetings fellow adventurer! Back in September, I did get to take my yearly trip to Gettysburg, something that due to the circumstances surrounding 2020, I doubted that I would be able to do. When restrictions lifted during the summer, I…
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A Mythologie Candles Unboxing: Unearthing the Cave Troll!

https://youtu.be/Zn6IEgtfOzs So how do you think a cave troll would smell? Well, we find out when I unbox one of Mythologie Candle’s newest candles, Cave Troll!  Mythologie Candles is one of my favorite candles companies, specializing in nontoxic candles (made…
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The Tavern Livestream, EP 7: Celtic Lore & Legends

https://youtu.be/le86Ik3y5Po In this episode, we discuss some Celtic history and lore. Also reviewed: @phanniesboozyjams Hot Pepper and Mango CBD infused jam @lbcchistorical Emily Bronte Tea Featured on my table setup are @mythologiecandles Middle Earth Candles and The Alchemist I also…
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The Tavern Livestream, EP 6: Women of the Taverns

https://youtu.be/zJzMThVEVyM On the latest episode, I discuss the women of the early taverns! I also review some products by Mythologie Candles and Phannie’s Boozy Jams and Jellies. Hope you enjoy this sixth episode! Mythologie Candles Phannie’s Boozy Jams and Jellies
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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in The Tavern!

This Friday, come celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with me on The Tavern Livestream. Keeping with the spirit of the holiday, we will be discussing some popular Celtic lore by candlelight (as always!). I look forward to having you join me…
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