Welcome To The EIGHTH ISSUE Of Celtic Nations Magazine.

Further below you will find all of the articles in excerpt form for easier reading.
My heart-felt thanks to everyone who contributed to this issue. I could not have done it without you.

Welcome to the September 2022 Issue of Celtic Nations Magazine.

I often think of hearth and home during the fall. After all, this is the time of all of the gathering holidays. As the autumn winds blow in and the air turns cooler – and heaven knows it’s been a warm summer – there’s the nostalgia of the “home’”
In this issue of Celtic Nations Magazine, I wanted to focus on house and home, both in practical and metaphoric ways. First, a home is a physical place, so I chronicled Building A Celtic Roundhouse from a great series of YouTube videos. I also wanted to know more about what the ancient Celts called home, so I delved into the history of the Welsh hill fort known as Castell Henllys.
But as the saying goes, “Home is where the heart is”. The Celtic diaspora reaches to all areas of the globe. Some immigrants were forced to leave Europe. Some chose to leave, but as a Celtic descendant (Irish and Welsh for me), there’s just something in my blood that always calls me home.
This was one reason I was so glad to receive an article from a long-time contributor, Christopher Fain, on the Irish Emigration Museum in Dublin. And it’s natural to take Celtic heritage on the road, which is what the article on the Celtic Rock Band, Tempest, is all about.
So let’s give thanks for our homes, where they are, what they mean to us, and how they reflect our lives. Being a Cancer, I’m a natural “homebody”, but as I look about my humble home, I am reminded of all the wonderful things that have happened in my life. I hope you will do the same as you pause and consider all that your home is.
Many blessings to all,
Erin Hunt Rado – Editor, Celtic Nations Magazine

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