Calling all Crafters! If you use stamps to decorate your creations, you simply must check out these Celtic Stamps from Relyef.

Celtic Pottery Stamps by Relyef
Celtic Pottery Stamps byRelyef

Relyef is a company based in the Czech Republic. Run by Tomas Macek & Radovan Markes, Relyef has been specializing in making ceramics since 1989. They design and produce decorative tools, especially tools for creating unique patterns in clay.

Celtic Stamps by Relyef are made from biodegradable maize-starch bioplastic. They will last for many years with proper use, but you can compost them if need be. Plus, manufacturing these Stamps poses a minimal burden to the environment, so use them guilt-free.

Rélyéf Stamps do not leave lines on the edges when pressed into your work, so you can make your impressions as deep as you like without leaving any of those tell-tale borders. You can see exactly where and what you are printing, which helps you create precision placement.

We were naturally attracted to Relyef’s collection of Celtic Stamps. But they offer other themes including:

Viking Runes
  • Geometric Shapes
  • Flowers
  • Animals
  • Seasons
  • Symbols
  • Ornaments
  • Letters and Numerals

Relyef also makes Rollers for creating endless line impressions that are terrific for decorative borders.

Stamps by Relyef can be used on wet leather, though Tomas & Radovan recommend that you push them into the leather manually rather than pound them or use a mechanical device to apply them. The Stamps are not officially certified for food use; however, no adverse effects for human health are expected when using the Stamps because the material is biologically inert. Still, use the Stamps with food at your own risk. You might also try them with ink or paint to make patterns on cloth or paper. Again, this is not the recommended use, but the Stamps should work just fine.

Relyef CAN ABSOLUTELY make Custom Stamps, so please contact them with your ideas. They ship around the world, and sell on Etsy.

Stamps by Relyef are designed to last for years when used appropriately. For best results on clay, use them on leather-hard clay. If you wish to Stamp on wetter clay, oil the Stamps first with a few drops of vegetable oil on a sponge. You can also lightly dust the Stamps with cornstarch, and you can cover the stamp with plastic wrap or a cloth. You might even get some interesting edge effects this way.

When cleaning the Stamps, wash them briefly in warm water and then rinse them under running water using a sponge or non-metallic brush to clear any clay residue. Gently shake off any excess water and dry on a towel. DO NOT WASH THESE STAMPS IN A DISHWASHER. If you need extra rods for your Stamps, you can purchase them from Relyef.

So now you have a brand-new way to stamp some Celtic Creativity into many different projects. Have at it, and look for Relyef on social media to share your endeavors!

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Celtic Pottery Stamps by Relyef

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