Come listen to some amazing music tonight and get to know Ancient Sins on the Celtic Rain Radio Show at 9pm Eastern Time at Below is the list of the line-up for the show:

• Shelter: By Celtic Rain

• Shukriya Shiva: By Sacred Shaman

• How Great Thou Art: Sung By David W. East

• Cause of my Distress: By Ancient Sins

• Mad Wolf: By Gravehuffer

• The Defector: by Victor Sierra’s Hydrogen Queen crew members


• I Love You. I Know: By Live Music – Bradford Ray Bailey

• Ae Fond Kiss: Celtic Rain

• Last Time: By Ancient Sins

• Living Hell: By Perceived

• To Carolan: By Meerrant

• Riptide: By Ancient Sins

• Like I Do: By Adam Crabtree

• Donegal Danny: By Laughing Jack

• Damned Ship High Adventure: By Dr Silas Amdusias

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