This week’s show was amazing. We heard so many wonderful songs as long as getting to know Bradford Ray Bailey. Bradford is a wonderful musician who is an amazing guitarist and video producer. Fun fact that we figured out during the show and more after the show, we went not only to the same fine arts center during our high school years but also the same high school. I was a freshman and semaphore when he was a journey and senior. What a small world. Check out the show and get to know Bradford Ray Bailey and listen to the rest of the amazing music as well. I have listed the order of songs and musicians and bands that play those songs below. You can check us out every Tuesday night at 9pm Eastern time at for the best and most eclectic 2 hours of music out there. If you are a small label or independent artist and have music for the show you can send it to See you on Tuesday for the Celtic Rain Radio Show.

Celtic Rain Radio Show 7/6/21

  • The Chive Jive: By Mike Ramos
  • Virevolte: By Meerrant
  • Abandoned Child: By Against The Fear
  • Laughingbrook: By Bradford Ray Bailey
  • Indy: By James O’Kane
  • Winter Song: Arranged by Jeff Headrick
  • Bush Song: By Adam Riviere
  • The Day We Went to Rothsayo: By Celtic Rain
  • You Can’t Take Love Away: By Buck Rogers Jr.
  • Peach Pie: By Bradford Ray Bailey
  • Mambai Taxi High Life: By Philadelphia Phil
  • Going Nowhere: By Shane Hoose
  • Crossed-up Condition: By Bradford Ray Bailey
  • A Dull Day: By Robin James
  • Medusa Redux, By Darwin Prophet
  • Dear Jesus,: By Rev. Rebekah Lawson