This show was so amazing. David East is an amazing musician who’s heart just shines with love and light. Come Check out David East and the rest of the wonderful music that was played. Below is the line up of all of the songs and the wonderful groups and musicians that were played on the Celtic Rain Radio Show on 5/25/21. You can always catch us on Tuesday nights at 9pm Eastern Time at

Celtic Rain Radio Show 5/25/21 Line-Up:

  • John Jump Up: By Laughing Jack
  • The Gael: By Celtic Rain
  • First Contact: By Shane Hoose
  • Camping In Canaan Land: By David East
  • Those Last Few Minutes: By Doug Fox
  • Mercy Train: Sung By Celtic Rain
  • Gaia: By Sacred Shaman
  • A Private Little War: By Five Year Mission
  • The Shadow Company: by Victor Sierra
  • Praise The Name of Jesus: By David East
  • Who’s Shining Now: By Scott Ziegler
  • Moon Song: By il Troubador
  • Put Some Fire In Your Life: By David East
  • Rain Man: Peter Burns
  • Prim Rose Path: By Eric Parker
  • Coffee Post & Cigarettes: Mike Ramos