This week’s show was amazing. We heard so many wonderful songs as long as getting to know Samuel Lawson. He is a brilliant musician, father, and I have to admit is my husband and the love of my life. He has played, wrote, and created music since he was a child, and now he creates his own music. Check out the show and get to know Samuel and listen to the rest of the amazing music as well. I have listed the order of songs and musicians and bands that play those songs below. You can check us out every Tuesday night at 9pm Eastern time at for the best and most eclectic 2 hours of music out there. You you on Tuesday.

Celtic Rain Radio Show Line-Up 6/8/21:

  • La Carte Des Mondes Perdus: by Victor Sierra
  • Back Pack: By Gravehuffer
  • Star of the County Down: Celtic Rain
  • Choro Tipico by Heitor Villa: Played By Samuel Lawson
  • Candelle Fauve: By Meerrant, French
  • Chrystal River: By Mark Ferrell
  • Scattered: By Doug Fox
  • Rainbow Skies: By Sacred Shaman
  • Displace: By Bradford Ray Bailey
  • Winding Ways: By Samuel Lawson
  • I Surrender All: Rev. Rebekah Lawson
  • That’s When He Holds Me: By David East
  • The World” Lute Style: Played and Sung By Samuel Lawson“
  • Spock’s Brain – Hey Kara!: By Five Year Mission
  • Perception: By Mark Ferrell, Country