This weeks show of the Celtic Rain Radio Show we got to know Adam Crabtree. He is an amazing country musician that not only writes his own music but also plays with several bands. He has an amazing story of love, loss, and raising his beautiful son on his own. Check out the show and get to know Adam and listen to the rest of the amazing music as well. I have listed the order of songs and musicians and bands that play those songs below. You can check us out every Tuesday night at 9pm Eastern time at for the best and most eclectic 2 hours of music out there. You you on Tuesday.

Celtic Rain Radio Show Line-Up 6/1/21:

  • St. Jeffery: By Doug Fox
  • Legacy: By David East
  • Pamela: By James Artist
  • Tip Your Bartender: By Adam Crabtree
  • Custom of the Sea: By Gravehuffer
  • Easy Rider Rodeo: By Mark Ferrell
  • Carpe Diem: By Scott Ziegler
  • La 25t Heure: by Victor Sierra
  • The Flying Scotsman-Piper: Celtic Rain
  • Peek Inside Of Heaven: By Adam Crabtree
  • Forever and Ever by Robert Bruce Scott
  • Copperhead Row: By The Lonesome Troubadour
  • Like I Do: By Adam Crabtree
  • Cillent Tes Yeux Burns: By Meerrant
  • Prayer: By Celtic Rain
  • New Orleans Goin Down: By Philadelphia Phil