We’d like to introduce you to artist, Corina Fitzgibbon. Corina creates incredibly detailed pen drawings. Here, she tells us the story behind her impressive large-scale piece, “One Day.”

Corina Fitzgibbon Art detailed pen drawings
Detail of intricate pen drawing by Corina Fitzgibbon

Detail of “One Day,” a 3.5 x 5 ft pen drawing by Corina Fitzgibbon

What inspired “One Day”?

Earlier this year, I completed an original pen drawing. This piece is very dear to my heart, it got me through the year that was 2020, through the pandemic and all the lockdowns, through heartbreak and loss, through a crazy time that we all experienced and are still experiencing.

This artwork is dedicated to all those who have lost their lives in 2020/21. With the current pandemic affecting everyone’s lives in terrible ways, I took all my emotions, fears, and my own experiences good and bad and filled each dot with them to create something beautiful, out of all the devastation and fear, hope is on the horizon.

Detail of intricate pen drawing One Day by Corina Fitzgibbon

My inspiration came from nature and the outside world, I was lucky enough to enjoy the countryside while at home in lockdown and it was a big source of inspiration for this piece.

Some of the wildflowers and flowers that inspired this piece were the favourite flowers of people we had lost in 2020.

Corina’s Hope for the Future

My desire is to show this artwork to as many people as possible in Ireland and in person so I can tell them about my journey through the pandemic, and they can in turn share their journey with me.

The next step for this beauty is to get it framed.