Dear Ireland

by Niamh Cooper

(Sung to the tune of ‘The Sick Note’, by The Dubliners)

Dear Ireland, I write this note to you,
To tell you of our plight.
And at the time of writing,
I’m not a pretty sight!
I’ve COVID hair, I’ve cracked my chair,
My pants are awf’lly tight.
And I write this note to say,
Why I’m not going out today.

13 long months, feels like 30,
It’s been a scary ride.
And if I’m very honest,
I’m still trying to decide.
What did I think when life slowed down?
It made us all stop dead.
We were afraid, had no control,
Felt sick and tired, and dread.

Before, we were all racing,
And running everywhere.
Forgot just how to take our time.
Forgot – just how to care.
The virus hit, quietly at first,
We thought it was a bat.
We didn’t quite believe it,
Then heard – maybe a cat!

The stories were abounding,
And yet we did not stop.
And thousands went to Cheltenham,
To see the horses hop.
On Paddy’s Day, parades were off,
Who thought we’d see the day!
We knew then this was serious,
On balconies they played.

The schools were shut, the pubs were too.
We thought we’d lose our minds.
But then we started thinking,
We have more quality time.
We zoomed with friends we hadn’t seen,
We baked, hoarded and sowed.
And people, they were dying,
And our eyes were oh so sore.

No funerals and we were sad,
When Bergamo trucks passed through.
Then Boris got the COVID.
Donald said it was flu.
Coronavirus hit us hard,
And people lost their jobs.
We clapped, we cried, we put up flags,
Amidst our quiet sobs.

And watched when in America,
The Donald carried on.
As if no virus hit the world,
Like a miracle, it’d be gone.
The virus hasn’t gone away.
In fact, it’s still around.
For yet another year I fear,
But do not drink bleach now!

Just wash your hands and wear your mask,
Don’t hug, don’t kiss, don’t play.
Please practice social distancing
And with people don’t stay.
Dear Ireland, you are on your knees,
Now slowly you get up.
And when you quietly sip your tea
Please will you raise your cup.

And remember these last long months,
When COVID came to stay,
Made us stop, think, listen more,
And live life, come what may.
We’re looking to the future now,
And to a brighter time.
When we can write another song.
And this one, it will rhyme!

© Niamh Cooper, 2021
with Erin Rado