Meet Dublin Alley!

DUBLIN ABBEY is a folk rock band with a decidedly Irish flavour. Its members include:
  •  Emma Elder (vocals-flute-whistle-mandolin-harmonica)
  •  Patrick O’Donin (vocals-guitar-bass)
  •  TJ Cope (vocals-guitar-mandolin-bazoukie)
  •  Joey Westsmith (drums). 
DUBLIN ABBEY is located in Seattle. They have strong Irish roots, with Emma’s family coming from Ballymoney up north in County Antrim and Patrick’s from Dublin, proper. The band was playing primarily in the Pacific Northwest of the US, Washington State and Oregon when the world pandemic occurred. Since then, they have been focused on writing and recording since then and are just starting to venture back out onto live stages.

DUBLIN ABBEY’s music has been featured on Radio in the US and Ireland as well as numerous podcasts. For their songwriting, the band is centered around the songwriting duo of Elder and O’Donin. Their body of work totals close to 100 original songs. Their one album out titled “Tri-Colour”, which is for sale on Amazon and other outlets. DUBLIN ABBEY is not to be your typical cookie cutter celtic band, but rather a unique blend of folk, rock and celtic sounds. Their song topics vary among history, travel pieces, love, space travel, the paranormal… and a myriad of other topics.


“Arrow” was recently penned (late September 2021) and recorded the very next day. It’s literally brand new as are many of our music video releases. The song was written as a team collaboration (as most of our songs are) between Elder and O’Donin. Conceptually, the song was initially inspired by a viewing of a 1969 film entitled “Journey to the Far Side of the Sun”. The film was titled “Doppelganger” when it was initially released in the UK. The script follows the discovery of an earthlike planet rotating precisely opposite earth on the far side of the sun. A space mission to the planet finds curious and eventually disastrous similarities. The imagery of shooting an arrow straight into the sun is actually visualizing a spaceship journeying around the sun to this fictional mysterious planet. Lyrically however, the song takes some bends and turns along the way, so it’s about several topics that blend into a swirling carouselle of ideas.

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Front Row (left to right) – Emma Elder and Patrick O’Donin
Back Row (left to right) – Joey Westmith and TJ Cope