Team work was needed in ancient times as it is today: Whether it be exploring new lands, keeping a longship crew in sync or facing enemies in a shield wall! Family team work was required to develop this interesting, new release children’s book…


I’M A VIKING KID – Poems for the Brave and Fierce! Is a direct product of Australian author M.J. Gibbs aka Marg and her creative kin. Three generations worked together, a Skald, four young scribes and a seasoned artist. An anthology not for the faint-hearted, shows family really does come first!

Even the titled chapter pages, a theme carried throughout all of Marg’s poetry anthologies, are an artwork un to themselves. In this publication you can find sagas about family, friends, fighting, animals, heart and at sea.

Pen drawings, hand-painted collaged paper, sketches, Norse font and earthy tones encapsulate age, enchant and evoke the senses. Variety of poetry in length, rhyme or free verse: Brings curiosity of the Viking era and interest to children ages 6 and up. A perfect read-out-loud, after a long day of adventure by the crackling fire.

Marg creates books that are legacy threads, woven into a lasting tapestry.

Are you brave enough to escape in to the pages of I’m a Viking Kid?

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