Greetings fellow adventurer!

Back in September, I did get to take my yearly trip to Gettysburg, something that due to the circumstances surrounding 2020, I doubted that I would be able to do. When restrictions lifted during the summer, I wanted to take advantage of any opportunity to travel. This year’s expedition to Gettysburg ended up only being a day trip instead of a weekend event, but I was very grateful to have been able to go this year.

The Gettysburg adventure ended up being an episode of Dark Side of the Labyrinth and a post. You can check them out below:

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While in Gettysburg, I had the pleasure of happening upon a rather charming tent setup, which also happened to be right next to the A Sentimental Journey Bed & Breakfast, set up with jars of homemade jams, jellies, and other cool and unique gift items. Adding to my already good impression of the vendor setup, the couple running it had some lovely Victorian era period clothing.

Needless to say, I was immediately drawn to stop and take a look at what they had going on.

Upon stopping inside the tent, I ended up meeting Phinn and Phannie, along with their small business, Phannie’s Phancies or Phannie’s Boozy Jams and Jellies.

Phannie and Phinn of Phannie’s Boozy Jams and Jellies

While I talked with the business owners, I tried a couple samples of their jams and jellies. One aspect of the product that was definitely a win for me was the use of fresh local ingredients Many of their recipes also draw from those handed down from Phannie’s grandmother (also a win with me). The old world recipes are then given a rather unique twist when local wine, beer, and spirits are added to the mix.

According to their website:

While the alcohol is cooked off during preparation, the aroma and flavor enhancing qualities of the liquor transforms these old favorites into something truly special! Think and Shop Local is very important to Phannie and we are proud to include the “Made in Gettysburg”  on every jar! Each offering is named after locations from the heroes of the battle!

In addition to all that, they also can make a custom label if specifically requested.

After the wonderful conversation I had with Phannie and Phinn, I ended up purchasing their Sweet Red Wine Jelly.

Now upon my purchase, I was given some suggestions on how to use such a jelly. These suggestions included putting it on roasted chicken and fish. Those of you that might follow me at my social media pages likely know that I am very much into health and fitness, meaning that meal prep is a big part of my life and anything that can be used to spice that up a little is always welcome.

My first time using the Sweet Red Wine Jelly, I ended up spreading it over some oven roasted chicken, and then again on another evening when I made salmon. In the end, my taste buds were definitely happy and the sweetness of the jelly, along with a slight bite from the wine mixed into the recipe, both contrasted and complimented the savory chicken and salmon beautifully.

The Red Wine Jelly has become a wonderful staple in my meal planning and I will definitely be looking into their other flavors along with ways I can incorporate them into my meal planning.

Roasted Chicken with cranberries and the Sweet Red Wine Jelly, quinoa, couscous, and vegetables

I am very glad that I  ran into Phannie and Phinn while in Gettysburg this year, aside from being awesome people, their product is amazing.

I do recommend checking out the Phannie’s Phancies website and Facebook page:

Phannie’s Boozy Jams Website 

Facebook Page