We welcome on board this Galway based family Monika Wojtysiak, Daniel and baby Michalina owners of Francis Soap Shop, based in Galway providing a range of vegan, natural cosmetics and skin care products used to alleviate the symptoms of eczema or psoriasis that many people suffer from.

“Chemical overloading also makes us vulnerable to all kinds of allergic reactions. That is why the health of the family and the reduction of harmful substances in everyday cosmetics is so important. In our shop you can find fantastic bath products to create a very relaxing and luxury spa in the comfort of your own bathroom.

You will comprehensively take care of your child’s skin from the first days of life. You will find face cosmetics that match your skin type and for the man in your life, he will find something for himself. Everything that your family needs in one shop! We also specialize in packing gift sets for various occasions. If you have problems choosing the right care for your family, please contact us! We are happy to help you!”