Rev. Rebekah Lawson: Began ministering through music at the tender age of three in groups like Children Around the World, Fishers of Men, and King’s Kids/YWAM. She grew up traveling in South Carolina and Florida with her evangelistic parents, and was under the leadership of Benny Hinn at Orlando Christian Center. While in college she sang with her school’s black gospel ensemble, as well as the college choir and in seminary was the student director of her Seminary Chorus. She has several CD’s out. She is also part of several other music groups like The Lute and The Lady and Philadelphia Phil and Friends. Rev. Rebekah has been part of the Indianapolis Scottish Society for over 16 years, is one of their past presidents, and is the entertainment director for the Indianapolis Scottish Highland Games and the Enchanted Fairy Festival in Hendrix county, IN. Rev. Rebekah Lawson is a hands on ministry who is currently she is ministering with her husband, Samuel Lawson, Celtic Rain as Co-Director, Produced by Vessel 7 Productions, while teaching voice lessons and Guest preaching at several Churches and organizations, transferring her ordination to the Metropolitan Community Church, and is host of the Celtic Rain Radio Show. Rev. Rebekah’s main ministry is hands on with people who love to go out into the world and create change through relationships, by teaching by example, and loving people.

Celtic Rain is an original Celtic Spiritual Fusion Folk band made up of Guitar, Original instruments, Celtic Drum and Tom Drum, and Bagpipes who make beautiful music and change lives together with their hearts and their music. They take traditional Celtic, original Celtic and Spiritual tunes and mix them with a twist of jazz, classical, industrial and acoustic sounds and style. Their original pieces play off of the stories and fables of many Celtic traditions that touch the heart in a Spiritual way while throwing in a twist of Spanish Celtic Jazz guitar. Their vocals are a mix of traditional and classical vocals with beautiful harmony thrown in. Come experience the Celtic side of life with Celtic Rain. Celtic Rain would love to come and play for you any time. Rebekah Lawson