Goddess of Battle Fate
By Arian Niwl
Men struggle with curses and shouts
Ground soaked with flowing life’s blood
The battle rages without any doubts
Warrior’s fall into the red soaked mud
I watch with dark raven sharp eyes
A spectacle and scene that is a play
Wearing on my shoulder as a guise
Raven feathers while I watch the fray
The die has been cast as I already know
To whom the victor, to whom the defeat
My ravens have already made the crow
And already death has made ready to meet
Soon the battle predetermined will end
And these my ravens shall fest on the dead
All the souls to the Otherworld will ascend
Across the battlefield then I shall tread
Maiden, Mother, Crone am I naught
No! I am Goddess of the dark of the moon
I the Warrior Woman that is seldom sought
Only the brave will seek me to commune
I have been known by many a name
Morrigon, Areonwen are just a few
The Goddess of battle fate I do claim
And those wise should honour me true
Raven Queen of Battle
Raven Queen of Battle Fate

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