Behind the artwork of the Rowan Tree…

Earlier this year I came across a submission open for creatives to send work to be chosen in the “Voices of the Grove: Beltane 2021-2022 The Call of Brighid” journal-diary (Volume two in the series by Yuri Leitch)

Naturally I felt the urge to CREATE, being a new member of the Ogham Grove Facebook group, I was inspired by all the amazing artists, writers and wisdom of followers in the Ogham and Tree Lore.

I spent a good amount of time delving into the world of deity St. Brigid before sketching an idea of the creation of the Rowan Tree and how and what she symbolises – St. Brighid of Kildare, Ireland. As I progressed, I felt it needed another element, so I asked Texan Author Kelly Grettler to write a poem to wrap around the Rowan seedling (Yes I could of attempted this, but the result she came up well, I could not of done better myself!) Its a storyteller’s journey you are taken on with her way of words. She has great perspective and it portrays a real earthy folklore soaked in Celtic traditions. What a team! Thanks Kelly.

“Kelly Grettler (USA) weaving together words and developing the Rowan Tree poem”.

 “When Jenny approached me to collaborate about the legend of the Rowan Tree lore. I started jotting down notes and picked out key elements that stood out to me – letting ideas marinate. I walked in nature, journaled, soaked up some sun and slept on it. Once I sat down to write, the words just flowed out!” KG

You can read more about St. Brigid in the March 2021 issue of Celtic Nations Magazine

  • On St. Brigid’s Eve by Niamh Cooper page 5
  • St. Bridget poem by Judy Dinnen on page 6
  • and Celtic Reads on page 44.

Final piece – collaboration of Kelly Grettler and Jenny Catalano 2021

This is only a taste of the many, many grand contributors of art, insight, dedication essays and crafts. Congratulations to Yuri and his team.

As follows from Amazon description…

The journal is packed-full of lore about Brighid, including four essays by the Editor, Yuri Leitch (the four essays are – The Call of Brighid; Brigantia, Goddess of the Celts; St Bride of the Mystics; and, St Brides Bay). There are two contributions from special guests, Caroline Hoare and Gary Biltcliffe (The Spirit of Brigid and the Fiery Arrow; and, Awakening the Bride Consciousness in the Land) 

You can order a copy of Voices of the Grove: Beltane 2021 – 2022 The Call of Brighid on Amazon.

By Yuri Leitch 2021 
Artwork by ©Yuri Leitch 2021