TA: First, for those not yet familiar with your work, tell a little about yourself and what you do. 

ADV: First off, let me thank you, Tiffany, for having me as an interview guest. I’m honored.
My name might be familiar to some and totally foreign to others. For those that have heard my name
whispered on the wind, Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc will ring a bell.
For those that have never heard of me, I bid you welcome to my dark parlor.
I was once a 2005 Borders #1 best-selling author and made quite the waves in my day, as a pioneer, a
force of nature and a champion of self publishing.
Then, I disappeared (as far as writing is concerned) for 12 years. I retired from writing and occupied
myself with homeless advocacy, animal rights and a Bohemian lifestyle.
Over the years, people asked me to write again. My answer was always the same.
Oh, I dabbled in writing here and there, made films, art…I stayed artistic, but nothing like what I’d once
Then…one day, almost two weeks ago, I began seriously writing again and I haven’t stopped.
However…my focus has shifted. I’m no longer writing Horror.
Now, I’m writing Gothic/Victorian Poetry and Ghost Stories. I’m already being hailed by some readers as
the, “Modern day Poe.”
Big shoes to fill, but I love what I do, so I hope to continue giving readers what they want.

TA: So you’ve had many projects going on over the last couple of years, so I would love to hear more
about your latest venture.
ADV: Most of my poetry is combined with my photo art, so I’m doing double what I love.
I’ve just come out with a new short poetry book, and three of my works are now on Google Play.
ALL of my new work is FREE, so you can read it on and download it from my website.
Like I said, I love what I do.

TA: What/who are some of your artistic influences?
ADV: Anything can influence me. Rain, a dark sky, a bird flying…my way of being influenced is not like anyone
else’s, so there’s no real way to describe exactly, what influences me.

TA: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
ADV: Anywhere Gothic…but I dream of Prague.
But…I wouldn’t pass up windswept cliffs by a raging, angry sea.
But…if I actually could… definitely Prague.

TA: Describe your ideal Halloween celebration.
ADV: A respectful gathering in a cemetery just before sundown, where we decorate graves and burn candles
for the souls of those at rest there.
Food, music, incense burning until 1 AM, where we bid those eternally slumbering a fond farewell.

ANYONE not willing to treat those resting there with the utmost respect, would NOT be welcome.
Before the party, I’d remind everyone that, to step on a grave in the darkness is the utmost of disrespect
and will bring to that person, the worst of luck.

TA: What do you have coming up?
ADV: More poetry, more ghost stories…

TA: Where on the internet can we find you?
ADV: My website: estatebarrenhill.com
I’m also on Instagram as TheEstateofBarrenHill
Twitter: @estatebarren 


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