Velda hi-jacked the “Mangy Mutt” longboat from Rollo, but didn’t approve of the name.

The only way to change a Viking ship name is to get a little girl to pee in the bilge! Wait… What?

Velda the Awesomest Viking: and the Voyage of Deadly Doom, really lives up to its title.

Author, David MacPhail scribes down some EPIC adventures in this new release junior fiction

(The first in a series, I believe – or so the staring Seagull told me).

I really sympathise with young, little Velda. She is doing her sword-wielding best, to be the

most dangerous, fiercest Viking to exist! But things aren’t always what they seem:

As she continually finds out in her quest to acquire the much desired, Silver Tusk.

Along with her trusty side-kicks, is a useless (or not so useless, you’ll have to read it and find out)

crew of stow-aways consisting of an awful harp-playing Bard, a crafty Pict girl and an acrobatic Nun.

Together will they conquer the tusk… I mean, task ahead of them?

A most Viking-ny tale full of farty-humour and sarcastic blunders, captured in the

cartoon illustrations by Richard Morgan, suited for ages 7 and up.

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Where you can order your copy, or on AMAZON 

and my fellow Aussie adventurers can order from Woodslane

Readers can also enjoy the Longship name generator in the back pages, more ultimate fun! My future Viking ship would be called The Beltching Raider! JC