Journey of the Soul
by Elsa Marie Edmond

In the depths of despair a light shines in the dark,Celtic Poetry Scroll Top

Knowing not from where it comes the soul lies bare, lies stark.

For without the dark there can be no light, no dusk no dawn nor in between,

Within all dark doth shine a light even though veiled and seldom seen. 

The ego slain the veil thins, the light now filters through,

The world as was becomes replete, by a world your soul always knew.

The Otherworld, as it is known, is where your soul began,

This journey is not only one to learn, but remember if you can. 

Your soul is old, you recognise, with glimpses of lives gone past,

This is not your first earth incarnation nor will it be your last. 

Each life you live, each incarnation, brings forth lessons new,

Your soul evolves, not always pretty, as you face past karma due.

Trust the gods and place your faith, that all is as should be,

For nothing happens as per chance, not all is as you see. 

This world we live in is but small … not meant for you nor I,

Yet here we find us forlorn and lost, longing for times gone by. 

Look now towards a parallel world, existing side by side,

One above and one below, on both which our soul resides.

We know of old, we know of magic, it courses through our veins. 

So embrace this feeling, embrace this energy, sense as the moon doth wane.

Once all is dark, one can but listen for then all truths are told,

The facts lay bare for us to face, inanimate and cold. 

Within all death, within all dark doth glimmer that eternal flame,

For now you are awakened, life will never be the same. 

Embrace your magic, your ancestors too … be thankful for your blood,

Just as whilst the waxing moon grows, all slowly becomes understood. Celtic Poetry Scroll Bottom

The darkness fades, the pain subsides, overtaken by the light,

For even in the pitch black sky the full moon will illuminate the night.

Take heed and caution understand though all may now seem right,

Just as light exists in dark, so to dark resides in light. 

Accept the light, accept the dark … for balance is found between,

To deny the value of any extreme so much remains hidden, unseen.

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