Meet Karolina of The Little Dearies! Karolina is a trained artist and is passionate about art and graphic design. Here is her story.

Not only out of love for art but also as a graduate of the State Secondary School of Fine Arts in Poland, my life very simply consists of design and art. I indulge myself in it every single day.

For as long as I can remember, art has stolen my heart. My childhood days were filled with creativity. Painting, drawing and designing further strengthened my interests.

Wanting to develop my skills I started my education at the State Secondary School of Fine Arts. Throughout the course of my education, I began to realise my projects digitally, using a computer. This is how I graduated from the IT department, specialising in Computer Graphics. However, I still consider painting, drawing and designing as a huge part of my personal and professional life.

The Little Dearies is a concept that was born in 2012 in Ireland as a result of a design project initiated by me and my husband, Alessandro.

The Little Dearies can offer you a wide variety of magical gifts:

  • Magical Fairy Wish Jars
  • Magnificent Fairy Bubble
  • My Own Fairy Garden – starter kits
  • Secret Fairy Doors with magical light
  • Captured Fairies
  • My Own Fairy Keepsake Frames
  • Mushroom Fairy Houses