Woman standing at a sign for Touch of Venus jewellery at wedding fair

Meet Adriana of Touch of Venus Jewellery. Adriana handcrafts stunning jewellery pieces that are the ultimate wedding accessory. Here is her story.

How it all started

There is no better way to start this blog post than from my reflection for the feature I did in Irish American News. I felt both honored and privileged and also really super excited when Cliff Carlson featured Touch of Venus Jewellery in Irish American News and published the story about the woman behind the brand; the woman who followed her dreams and changed career to pour all of her skills and expertise into becoming a business owner with a mission of creating lasting memories and sharing passion, fashion, and originality by providing wedding and special occasion wear jewellery for women worldwide.

My vision

My motto is: style yourself with attitude, fashion, and confidence. Touch of Venus

Jewellery has an eye for exquisite jewellery and one-off pieces that captivate and inspire. Unique and detailed, these are designs that will bring little touches of glamour to your everyday look, as well as special occasions. 

We want to make you feel more than special by handcrafting one-of-a-kind, inspiring elegant jewellery, capturing timeless elegance, interesting patterns and a beautiful sparkling finishing.

My vision is to help celebrate your special day and every day by complimenting your look with the most luxurious, unique, and fashionable jewellery, such as our fantasy collection of jewellery inspired by Game of Thrones and modern trends for everyday wear launched recently beside the luxury wedding collections, including dreamy back necklaces, with exclusively styled headpieces, classic vintage inspired and matching pieces, which are enjoying unflagging popularity worldwide as we make our uniquely designed pieces for real brides and customers in Australia, New York, Texas, Germany and Sweden.

Who is the person behind Touch of Venus Jewellery?

My name is Adriana and I am the creator and MD of Touch of Venus Jewellery, and exclusive Irish online jewellery boutique, established in November 2018.

Recognised as Ireland’s Top Leading Supplier, the Finalist of Jeweller of The Year, 2021 and Finalist in both Jewellery and Accessory Designer of the Year, 2020 and Wedding Jewellery and Accessories, 2020.

I am a business partner of Crafters of Ireland and Lazuna Events, a wedding planner in Ireland and Lanzarote.

Time for a change

My background is in corporate finance and securities. I have a university degree in Banking and Finance, and over 15 years’ experience working in banks and other financial institutions, dealing with securities, investment issues, brokers and foreign exchange transactions. During all this time, I always had a feeling that something was missing from my life. After a migration settlement process of securities in Frankfurt while working for one of the international banks in Dublin, I realised that I was not happy, that this was not something I wanted in my life. I knew I had to do something to change this. At the time, I had no idea or plan of what I wanted to do. However, I knew I wanted to create something that I could showcase to the world.

So, I took some time to take a step back from my career and moved from Dublin to Donegal in 2017, undertaking an ACCA course while contemplating my future. Since childhood I have always wanted to have my own business and my passion for original jewellery designs and excellence has driven me from the beginning. 

By 2018, I had formulated my plan and later that year, I launched Touch of Venus Jewellery. Since then, I have lived my dream of creating memories and happy moments for my customers, with inspiration coming from travel, nature, movies and modern fashion trends, offering original, and eye-catching designs to make everyone feel special and beautiful every day.

Why ‘Touch of Venus’ Jewellery?

The story of Touch of Venus Jewellery begins in numerology and the Goddess of Love and Star of Beauty; Venus was assigned a number six, symbolizing love and beauty. Being born on the 6th, I decided to create an exclusive jewellery line with a touch of Venus, offering the most sophisticated and uniquely styled jewellery for everyone who appreciates fashion, style, and originality.  

New collections

The pandemic hit everyone hard, but I kept focused, made connections, built relationships and collaborations, and went from strength to strength, even expanding the range further to meet my customers’ desires with the recent launch of a comprehensive range of fashion collections with jewellery pieces inspired by the famous series Game of Thrones and dragons I called ‘Mother of Dragons’ and ‘The Everyday Edit’ collection with jewellery for everyday wear and every occasion, to add to our existing bridal collections. They are all absolutely loved by my customers!

My advice: 

Follow your dreams, never give up and always believe in yourself!