Meet Elisa of Elisa Ceramics Art. Elisa has found great healing through her love of working with clay. She now creates unique, beautiful ceramic pieces from her home in Dublin. Here is her story.

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How it all began

I started with ceramics in the fall of 2014, during a period of deep depression. My husband signed me up for my first ceramics class as he thought I would benefit from a creative activity while keeping some structure in my days. It was only after much convincing that I agreed to give it a try and I was immediately hooked. 

I enrolled for the first year of a five year adult course in ceramics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lier, Belgium, and clay has not left my side since. Many other ceramics courses followed. Indeed, clay and learning about its possibilities has played a crucial role in my journey to inner healing.

I am particularly drawn to the potter’s wheel, as the rotating movement makes ceramics a meditative experience to me. But most of all I love the plasticity of clay and the many possibilities that it offers through wheel throwing, slab building, hand building, slip casting, etc. Getting muddy and dusty is not an issue for me. It is a physical and a visceral activity, it is extremely satisfying to make something beautiful, useful, shiny and colourful out of a sticky mass of clay and some dull powders. 

What inspires me

I am inspired by nature mostly, particularly by the sea, forests and Japanese gardens, and I like to recreate feelings. Feelings generated through peaceful moments while I use my pottery: autumn afternoons with a cup of spice tea, winter coco, spring herbal teas and summer BBQs, family meals and slumbering breakfast rituals…

With my work I hope to transmit the same peace and serenity I experience during my making process to the users of my pottery. Through my ceramics courses I hope to be able to hand over to other people the same tools I have at my disposal to shield myself from the stressful rhythms and the noisy and ruthless world we are confronted with every day. In my book Healing Through Clay, I described my journey out of depression into a more mindful and conscious way of living. 

Bringing art into the every day

I hope to spread the benefits of handmade goods for the every day: not the usual soulless, mass produced ceramics that we generally own and throw away easily, but possibly fewer and better things in our cupboards with which we can create meaningful relationships. Surrounding ourselves with tiny pieces of art, that have a meaning and are distinctive, made with passion and in a more conscious, durable way and that are also more environmentally friendly is my ultimate goal.

Through my work I hope to show people life can be lived also in a more conscious, serene and less stressful way. Not everything needs to be rationalised or money and time driven. Everybody is valuable and beautiful in his or her own unique way.