Raven Queen of Battle

Goddess of Battle Fate By Arian Niwl   Men struggle with curses and shouts Ground soaked with flowing life’s blood The battle rages without any doubts Warrior’s fall into the red soaked mud   I watch with dark raven sharp eyes A spectacle and scene that is a play WearingContinue Reading

Journey of the Soulby Elsa Marie Edmond In the depths of despair a light shines in the dark, Knowing not from where it comes the soul lies bare, lies stark. For without the dark there can be no light, no dusk no dawn nor in between, Within all dark dothContinue Reading

Otherworld Calling by Elsa Marie Edmond Heart laid bare, tattered and torn With no more fight inside; Dark cold soul lost and forlorn Drowning by the incoming tide.   A soul alas from foreign lands Hidden from this plane; Pale skinned and frozen hands Fading as the life force drains.Continue Reading

Ravens a Celtic Poem by Kieron P. Baird

Kieron P. Baird is a published writer, on a personal journey of self-discovery and improved mental well-being. Kieron has a First-Class Honours Degree in Animal Biology and lives in Central Scotland, UK. Connect with Kieron P. Baird on Facebook. If you enjoyed this poem, please DONATE to Kieron P. BairdContinue Reading

Celtic Festival Online Logo

We’re now several months into COVID, and the festival world has certainly been the worse for wear.  Luckily, a few techno-savvy folks have kept the festival experience alive, and one terrific example is Celtic Festival Online. Spearheaded by veteran Celtic artisans Billy & Nichole Healy of Healy Glass Artistry andContinue Reading

Celtic Zodiac Astrology - Horse - Mini

From Scoopwhoop.com Celtic astrology is one of the oldest in the world, primarily used by the natives of Central European nations. The Celts were highly conscious of their environment and imbibed nature in their religion and symbols. Consequently, their astrology is also divided into Celtic tree signs and Celtic animalsContinue Reading

Celtic Nations Magazine

Celtic Stories are coming soon. We are seeking writers who wish to share their words. If you write Celtic fiction for adults, youth, or kiddos, please let us know! Blessings to All!Continue Reading

Emmery Celtic Cross Donegal ireland

Travelers flying into the City of Derry airport have been able to view a breathtaking sight, a giant Celtic Cross growing in the forested countryside. Crafted from roughly 3,000 Japanese Larch, deciduous conifers that bear yellowish needles in the Autumn, this masterpiece of horticultural art was planted by forester LiamContinue Reading


Pendragon Chainmail is a predominantly history and fantasy based armor company based out of Akron Ohio, and operates mostly within the Renaissance and Medieval festivals as traveling merchants. The owner and founder, Jerry Hartung, began over thirty years ago by hand making his first shirt of Chainmail with steel linksContinue Reading

Kult of Athena Broze-Era Celtic Sword Horizontal

Swords!  Oh, my goodness, while spears and arrows certainly were good weapons, there has always been something mystical and special about what is essentially a big long knife.  Yes, I know some will disagree with that assessment, but that is basically where swords came from. However, swords have had aContinue Reading


THIS PLACE By Declan Murphy Dedicated to John Hume   In bygone days of yore, I used to love this place Men of Ulster side by side, led and drawn by God’s Grace Summertime brought cause for great colourful celebration As we sought to preserve our faith, and our fledglingContinue Reading

Celtic Pottery Stamps by Relyef

Calling all Crafters! If you use stamps to decorate your creations, you simply must check out these Celtic Stamps from Relyef. Relyef is a company based in the Czech Republic. Run by Tomas Macek & Radovan Markes, Relyef has been specializing in making ceramics since 1989. They design and produceContinue Reading