I’ve never claimed to be a whiskey aficionado, or expert sniffer. I have only my love of single malt Highland Scotch, and the praises of my friends and colleges of my collection, along with more than three decades experience in consuming it to recommend me. None the less, I think you will be pleased with this review.Continue Reading

For as long as I can recall, music has not only given me great joy and escape. It has provided me with great inspiration, both in everyday life and my own creative work. I discovered the sounds of Celtic music a little later in life and was immediately taken in by the beautiful mélange of mysticism and mystery woven throughout.Continue Reading

The Teapots Are Out and Other Eccentric Tales from Ireland by John B. Keane.
The Book of Kells: An Illustrated Introduction to the Manuscript in Trinity College Dublin.
Celtic Art: The Methods of Construction by George Bain.Continue Reading

Travel to a world of dark forests and Gothic Cathedrals. Explore the realms of hidden castles and the ancient runes.Tiffany Apan’s first release for the year 2022 is a journey through such worlds, taking you on many twists and turns through a Medieval Fantasy world, with songs like “Ghost,” ChuckContinue Reading

Last year, Chuck Owston and I livestreamed this Winters Night Living Room Sessions Concert via my Facebook and IG Live pages. This year, we present it to you again and now with a new EP titled Coventry Carol, which was also recorded in a Living Room Session! I began myContinue Reading

While roaming the aisles of the 2021 World Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention in Washington DC, I came across the Scroll Saw Puzzles crafted by Judy Peterson of FanTaminals. Judy was kind enough to sit for an interview, and I am pleased to bring you her story. In 1989, JudyContinue Reading

A little rhyme I wrote about angels: When things go bad, or when we’re sad just know they’re always there to watch, and guide, and keep us safe, they’re with us everywhere. They’ll send us signs as they remind us that we’re not alone they’ll come in ways we don’tContinue Reading

Welcome to the Fifth Issue of Celtic Nations Magazine! In “Celtic Heroes & Legends” we explore inspiring folks both ancient and modern. You will find articles on How Our Ancestors Speak to Us, St. Bridget and the Christ Child, An Interview with an Urisk, and More! There are also shortContinue Reading

A lot of people have been asking me about urisks lately. Alarmingly, some even doubt their very existence. For this reason, I decided a Q&A was required. Immediately! If nothing else, to dispel the scepticism and answer the most common questions. If this piece also functions as an informal stepping stone for any budding future Fey researchers out there. Well, all the better!Continue Reading

First off, just what is the Otherworld?
For those who are not familiar, the Otherworld, as related in Welsh tales, is referred to as Annwn. It is described as a place connected to our world, and yet it is a very different realm.Continue Reading