My most recent order from Mythologie Candles and their Celtic Folklore Summer Collection!


It’s a Mythologie Candles type of day here! 

I am excited about the new Celtic Folklore Summer Collection recently put out by this company. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to do an actual video unboxing this time. Instead, I took a cool photo to reflect the magic of the collection. 🙂 

This is probably my favorite collection by Mythologie candles so far (for a while it was the Narnia inspired Always Winter, Never Christmas collection). I ended up ordering the sample pack (I do recommend ordering a sample pack if you are new to this candle company as it allows you to sample many candles and see which ones you might like most).

The candles within the collection are as follows:

The Spriggan

House of the Seelie King

Fae of the Forest

Elven Courtyard

Tree Nymph Palace

Enchanted Grove

Each of these candles invoke not only a fresh, summer scent, but also very much is in line with how one might imagine ancient Ireland and the realm of the creatures that inhabit there.

My favorites are The Spriggan (notes of dark earth dried between cracked bark, fresh evergreens, and sharp citrus sweetened with vanilla musk), Tree Nymph Palace (notes of juiced blood oranges and dark berries sipped from petal goblets with a hint of cedar and pine), and Enchanted Grove (a mix of greens and citrus).

Because I also got in on the early bird pre-orders, I was able to get my hands on one of their secret candles, The Selkie, along with a 2 oz. of their Droppin’ Eaves scent. Last but not least, I got a cool piece of artwork. This typically comes with earlybird preorders of the sample packs (I will take a photo of it once I get a frame for it and decide where I am going to hang it).

While I gave you my favorites in the Celtic Folklore collection, I would say that my favorite candle EVER by Mythologie Candles is now The Selkie, based off a sea creature said to be a ‘seal maiden’ or ‘seal man’. It is said that the Selkie sheds his or her seal skin at night, hiding it, and experiencing the human form for a while (perhaps this will be a future FFL Friday!). The Selkie Candle has notes of bleached driftwood crusted with sea salt, sweet grapefruit among flowing seagrass and invigorating ozone. The only unfortunate thing about this candles is that it is not, as far as I know, readily available in the store, but as a secret bonus candle that you can get with a pre-order. But, who knows. Maybe that will change one day.

Last but not least, I always appreciate their non toxic approach to their products.

I plan to have these candles in a future episode of The Tavern Livestream, along with a photo shoot that I will be doing soon!

Check out Mythologie Candles and their variety of collections based in fantasy and lore at their website and social media.



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